Was feeling very tired today, so I tried not to go overboard. It seems Tuesday’s WOD, the one I was so proud of finishing, took more of a toll than I realized.

WOD for Thursday 080912
Establish 1RM

Snatches were very difficult. Everything just felt slow. That made dropping under the bar really tough.  It kind of felt like a small step backwards today. That’s going to happen. It’s not a big deal. All-Star baseball players only get hits 3 out of every 10 times they step to the plate right?

There seemed to be several challenges with my technique today.  Early on, Jack caught me keeping my backside way too high when starting the lift. So I needed to concentrate on dropping that down and getting myself into a more erect squatting position at the start.

Through many reps I wasn’t clearing my knees back and staying far enough back in the heels. When I got one right and Jack applauded it, I told him just how foreign and awkward it felt. “Well, that’s because you’ve gotten used to doing it wrong.” Guess he’s right.

Jack and I had a miscommunication today too. More correctly, I misinterpreted the direction he was providing. More than once Jack advised, “don’t rush out of the bottom.” I inferred that I was pulling too fast from the floor at the start of the lift. This is a recurring issue for me and one that I really thought I was paying attention to today. I felt I was really being deliberate about my pace from the floor to above my knees, then accelerating on the way up. But I try to do as I’m told and I slowed the start down even more.

Only after several repetitions when Jack added something to the effect of, “make sure your stable before you stand the lift up,” did I realize that he was referring to the middle of the lift not the start. Ah ha! Lightbulb moment!

The true challenge he was trying to help me correct was I was rushing to stand up after the catch and squat. I was not making sure my feet were set under me. Lesson learned. Don’t make assumptions and ask questions! If you don’t ask questions, you don’t get answers. My bad. The last few lifts of the day felt considerably better. In the end, I was feeling prety stable with the snatch again.

Never lifted more than 95#, well off my 1RM, but getting the form right today was far more important.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps For Time:
Power Clean (135/95)
Box Jumps (24/20)
Ball Slam (30/20)

That many power cleans at 135# isn’t an option for me. So the decision to scale was an easy one. I did Power Cleans at 95#, Box Jumps at 24″, and used a 25# ball for Ball Slams.

My one goal for this WOD was to keep moving in the exercises. I figured it was ok to take a few seconds of rest to recover breathing in between exercises, but once I started an exercise, I expected to get through the full set unbroken. Didn’t quite pull that off.

The round of 8 power cleans was tough! Somewhere around 5 or 6 reps I let the bar rest on the floor too long to lay claim to unbroken. Ah well. With that exception, I stuck to the plan and finished in 13:21. Not a great time, but it was a solid effort and a demanding WOD, so I’ll take it.

Box Jumps were pretty smooth. Ball Slams went great. I’m surprised at the difference between doing Ball Slams with a 25# vs a 30# ball. Logically, that 5# seems like it shouldn’t make a noticable difference. However, I’ve learned that if I work with a 25# ball, I’m able to generate more speed and torque on the ball. That creates cleaner bounces which lead to easier catches and ultimately better form and reps. With just 5 more pounds, the ball just doesn’t bounce as clean and the reps are sloppy.

It was fantastic to have “Coach Paul” visiting and working with us this morning! Paul’s one of the first coaches I met at CFD. He’s currently working and training at another area box, so we don’t cross paths often. His being around this morning definitely added a level of energy that was very welcome.

As I write this, the thought crossed my mind, “why are my quads so tight? We only did squats one day this week and I did that at less than 60% of 1RM.” Then I started looking the WODs over again and realizing even when we’re not squatting, we’re squatting.

Here’s the inventory:
Monday – 60 ball slams (involves squats);
Tuesday – Back Squats (self-explanatory), 50 KB Swings (“half squats” with explosive hips) and 50 Overhead Squats (done at 75#),
Today – 55 reps each power cleans (gotta squat down to start each rep) and ball slams.

Now I understand why my legs hurt so much! They don’t hurt any less, but at least now I know why they hurt, and that makes me feel better…well, you know what I’m trying to say.

I’m planning on doing the Saturday WOD this week, so I’m very undecided whether or not I’m working out on Friday. It’s going to be a game time (more accurately a bed time) decision. If I like the look of the Friday WOD when it’s posted tonight, I might get up and go. Odds are though, knowing I’m going Saturday, I’m going to let Friday be a rest day. We’ll see. Maybe there will be ball slams two days running. They’re always worth getting out of bed. 😉