Tuesday was a very good day. Got to work on a maneuver that used to really vex me and raced through the METCON.

WOD for Tuesday 082112
Parallette Shoot Throughs
50 strict reps

Broke these down into 10 sets of 5 reps each. They felt surprisingly smooth. Shoot throughs are becoming a favorite exercise. They’re one of those very clear tangible reminders of how different things are after a year plus of regular exercise and diet.

The first time someone showed me shoot throughs it was infuriating. I was still so big I was in my own way. My stomach was so large I wasn’t able to ball my body up small enough to pass my feet under me without catching on the floor. It was disappointing and discouraging.

Now with the increase in strength and the reduction in counterproductive body mass, when I stay focused I can pull off consistent runs of 5 or more full reps. If I was doing a single set for max reps, I’m sure I could do more. Given the volume on this day, I broke it down into more manageable sets. Next time the challenge will be fewer sets with more reps.

Don’t get me wrong, my shoot throughs are not perfect by any stretch. When I get tired or if I lose focus, my shoulders will collapse and I sink into the parallettes. Or I might not get as tight as I need to be and my feet will catch as they pass under me. But at least I’m of a size now that I can contract myself up small enough to pass through the space.

15-12-9 Reps For Time:
Push Jerk (135/95)
Rotational Ball Slams – right
Rotational Ball Slams – left

I blasted through this METCON…and I don’t get to say that often. I definitely liked this WOD. “Stand here and work” WODs are definitely are to my strengths. “Pick the bar up off the floor. Put it over your head several times. Put the bar down. Pick up the ball. Slam it to the floor a bunch of times. Go back to the bar.” Simple, stationary and effective. I love it.

I scaled back too much though. I did the jerks at 95# and used a 20# slam ball. Finished the WOD in 5:39, well out ahead of the rest of the group. I’m not exaggerating when I say I believe I was a full minute ahead of the next athlete to finish. I’m not boasting about that. I simply offer it as evidence that I should have gone heavier. With the group of people in the gym Tuesday, if I’d scaled more appropriately, I should not have been done that far in front of the rest of the crew. Jack observed it and commented on it as well.

After the WOD as I was putting my bar away he noted, “Nice work today. Looks like you can use more weight for the jerks next time.”  I agreed.

Plenty of spare time to work double unders and then 2 sets of 10 GHD sit ups. After the core work on the rotational ball slams, the GHD sit ups were not much fun.

Overall, a pretty good day.