I’m going to go against the grain a bit here. We’ll see if it gets me scolded. Very solid workouts Monday. Continuing to wrestle with the form, consistency, intensity mindset but I think that will always be there. The key like with so much of life is to avoid indulging the temptations too frequently.

WOD for Monday 082012
Sumo Deadlift
Establish 1RM

The Sumo Deadlift felt great! Which was a relief. We did these about two months ago and I wasn’t real comfortable with them back then. I pulled 285# that day. Monday I did 2 reps at 95# to refamiliarize myself with proper technique, then advanced quickly through 2 reps each of 135 and 205#. After that I went to singles and completed lifts at 235, 255 and 275#.

At 275# I got aggressive. I moved to 305# and lifted it swiftly and efficiently. Jack saw the lift, congratulated me and said, “too light. There’s a lot more there.” That was very encouraging to hear. I took the bar to 325#. That lift was also very solid. Again, Jack observed and commented, “that was easy. You’ve got more.” I don’t know that I’d call it ‘easy’ but I agree that there’s more to be had with that lift. We were out of time for the day though and I was starting to feel drained, so it felt like enough for the day. 325# is just short of 1.5X body weight, 25# less than my strict deadlift 1RM, and a 40# gain over the last time we did this lift. It’s fair to say I was very satisfied with those results.

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
50 Double Unders
7 Burpees
*Add 7 Burpees every round (Rd. 2-14 Burpees, Rd. 3-21 Burpees, etc)

This was a very funky METCON. The very first round, I ran off a string of 20 unbroken double unders! That’s a PR by a wide margin…and they were AWFUL! I was jumping so high I was doing butt kickers each rep and I knew it and I refused to stop.

There’s an article that’s been going around that talks about the importance of form, consistency and intensity. I understand it. I agree with it. I embrace it. I try to apply it.

That being said, even as I knew I was doing the reps poorly the thrill of running the count higher than I ever have before was more than I could resist. The running monologue inside my head went something like this.

“10, good stuff. That’s higher than usual.”
“11, nice. So what’s different?”
“12, jeez I’m getting tired. Feel like I’m jumping to the ceiling.”
“13, ow I just kicked my own ass. Classy. There’s the difference.
“14, Hey, we’re getting into PR territory here. Man, this is tiring!”
“15, Damn, I think I bruised my ass that time.”
“16, That’s it. That’s a new PR. But this so wrong! I’m all over the place here.”
“17, I should stop! DON”T stop! See how far we can run this out.”
“18, If Paul P saw me jumping like this, he’d call me out! If Jack sees me, he’s gonna throw things at me.”
“19, This is ridiculous now.”
“20, God, I’m exhausted! I just can’t keep jumping like this.” After 20, I stumbled and had to reset.

After that run, I had a run of 5, an extended run of 16 with moderately better form and then runs of 3-5 reps each to close out the set.

I was very careful for all subsequent rounds to concentrate on form keeping my hands close and using a moderate jump at a consisitent pace. I never strung together more than 5 reps at a clip.

For that very brief run, it was very cool to take an exercise goat to a new height. I understand that if I allow it to become a habit that ultimately it’s going to be inefficient and counterproductive. But in that moment, it felt damn good to indulge a bit and pretend like double unders aren’t really a goat.

In the end, I understand that jumping that high over that long run was counterproductive. I flat wore myself out just for 20 DU’s. I get it. BUT, in that instant it was the right decision. The emotional gratification was worth more than the physical gain. It felt so good to hit 20 reps, I spent much of the morning grinning to myself about it.

So much of CrossFit tries to be so absolute black and white, do it or don’t. For me though there’s got to be balance…and indulging a bit now and again is not tantamount to failure.

The same way the smiles and excitement on my kids’ faces when they discover Daddy’s taking them to Marble Slab so we can all share an ice cream sundae for dinner twice a year is worth far more than the caloric intake/value.

They key for me is making very sure that at the gym, I stay disciplined and that 9 times out of 10 form has to come first. Just like 363 other days of the year (ok, I know better than that but I’m making a point here) we try hard to eat balanced nutritious meals. Some days it’s ok to indulge a bit.

Turkish Get Ups
3 sets of 2 reps each side

Was a bit disappointed with myself doing these. Started with a 52# kettle bell. Right side felt fine. Left side felt very weak particularly my wrist. It was only then I discovered I’d failed to tape my left wrist as I normally do. Wasn’t a conscious choice. Just forgot. But I was surprised and a bit bummed to notice such a sharp distinction between the two arms. The left hurt and was unstable enough that I went and got a 44# kettle bell for the remaining rounds.

Second rounds was done 52# right side, 44# left side. Last round was 44# both sides. It felt like the safer weight. The 52# kettlebell was waving all over the place during the second round. Oh well.