Was an interesting day in the gym today. After the WOD, I was struck at how much coaching can mirror parenting. I also chuckled at how much I behaved like my 3 year old…I’ll explain.

WOD for Thursday 082312
Bench Press – narrow grip
Establish 1RM

This was a great way to start the morning! It’s been a good week and I’ve been feeling good. I was very anxious to try and set a new 1RM on this lift.

Brian and I shared a bench and worked together. I believe we did warm up sets of 2 reps each 115 and 135. Then we jumped to I believe 165# and progressed from there doing singles, climbing by 10# after each successful lift.

Big props to Brian for coming back and successfully lifting a heavy weight after mising it once. He really powered through that lift the second time around.

Jack observed my lift at 205# and commented, “there’s a lot more there. That bar speed was really fast.”  After a successful lift at 215# I waffled about what to lift next. I wanted the next lift to be more than 225. “Never tie a PR.” Right, Jack? See? I listen! Somehow a 20# jump to 235# sounded too aggressive though.

I tried to find a pair of 2.5# plates to add to the 225 we’d already loaded, but didn’t see any. “Well, there you have it,” I thought. “The bar gods want you to lift 235#. That’s why they’ve hidden the smaller plates.” So I took the 5’s and we loaded them on.

It was a tough lift but it was successful. As Jack commented afterwards, “well, we learned something useful. We found your sticking point for the bench press.” He’s right. I couldn’t take the bar straight down and straight up. The lift stalled part way up and the bar came to a complete stop, but eventually it went the rest of the way. That’s a 10# PR, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

15-10-5 Reps For Time:
Hang Power Snatch (135/95)
Box Jumps (24/20)
Ring Dips

I set up a bar at 105# for the snatches. Pulled out a 24″ box and claimed a set of rings and strung up a red band for the dips.

I moved through this WOD very aggressively. For snatches, only the round of 5 snatches went unbroken. The round of 15 went 10 and 5. I don’t believe I ever put the bar down, though. Second round was 7 and 3, I think. I definitely set it down once that round.

Box jumps were all unbroken. I want to work on improving my jumping next. I downloaded a recent CF Journal article that I haven’t even had a chance to read yet, but I’m open to suggestions/ideas.

Ring dips were all unbroken. Two thoughts about that. I think it’s time to move from a red to purple band. It’s too easy to take all the slack out of the red band and rely too much on the band’s assistance. I think I’d get a more honest effort with a purple band. Not quite ready to go unassisted on those.

Finished the METCON with a very solid time of 6:50. Always thinking in baseball terms, in my head I’m 2 for 2 now. PR’d the Bench Press. Crushed the METCON. I’m bullet proof today. Onto the finisher….THAT’S when I became my 3yo.

Rear Delt DB Flyes
100 Reps

Jack instructed us on how to do these exercises. Pick a light dumb bell. He suggested 8 lbs or so. Lie face cown on a bench and pull your arms upward in a “butterfly” motion. Thought to myself, “Ok. 8, 10 lbs, what’s the difference?” I found a pair of 10lb dumb bells, headed to a bench and got to work.

Now some background. My daughter, Lil Bit is 3. She and I have an ongoing nightly battle/routine regarding her bedtime. After all the bedtime rituals are done and the lights are out and the door is closed for the night she starts calling for me. Which I judiciously ignore. She runs through a full spectrum of emotions in her attempt to draw me back into her room.

First comes the invitation, “D-a-a-d…Come.” Very smooth. Very inviting. Teasing me that I’m somehow missing out on the fun going on in her dark room. She’ll use this a couple of times and if there’s no response, she moves on to Stage 2. “Despair and the cry for help.”

“Despair and the cry for help.” “D-a-a-a-d-y-y-y. Come. I need you.” This is when she tries to deceive me into believing there’s been some calamity in her room that requires my immediate attention. Depending on the clatters and shuffles in her room, I’ll sometimes ask from outside the closed door, “Why do you need me?” Most frequently, because the 3yo hasn’t thought her story through to the end I get, “Ummmm.” Then I know there’s no emergency. I say, “G’night Lil Bit” and walk away. Usually resulting in tears.

That’s when ANGER sets in. “DAD! COME!” At this stage, I know I’m winning and sleep is imminent, so I continue to ignore her. She bursts into tears and cries herself to sleep.

I share this because in hindsight, I went through all three stages this morning trying to complete the finisher and Jack largely (and wisely) ignored me like any good parent/coach dealing with a tantrum should.

After doing a broken set of 25 reps with the 10lb dumb bells, Rachel and Lexy stopped by to point out I was using incorrect form. I had my hands turned so that the dumb bells were oriented parallel to my body. They both said Jack told them the dumb bells should be perpendicular. to the body. So I started with the invitation.

“Ja-a-a-c-k. Rachael and Lexy said I’m doing it wrong. What’s the right way to do these?” I didn’t get his attention though and knowing Rachael and Lexy are both much smarter than I am, I assumed they were right and switched my hand position. Guess what? It makes the damn flyes even harder. Brian came by with a pair of 8lb dumb bells, but he needed a bench to work so we shared both. It’s no reflection on Brian, but that’s when the whining started.

“Ja-a-a-a-c-k. These s-u-u-u-ck. They h-u-u-u-u-rt.” Eventually that got a response. “Yup. That’s what’s called a neglected muscle group. That’s why you’re doing them.” Thanks, Jack. Eventually, the anger set in.

“JACK! DAMN IT! THESE HURT! BUT I’M DONE!” Again, no response. It’s probably best. By that time, I would have been quite happy to find a quiet corner, curl up and go to sleep until things stopped aching.

I have no clue whether Jack has aspirations of being a parent one day, but based on how he managed my tantrums today, I’m confident that he could be a great one! What else did I learn today? Well, I am my daughter’s father and she comes by her attitude honestly.