Monday morning was a complete scramble at Casa K. The house is undergoing major renovations and it was the first day of third grade for Whirlwind. With all of that going on I discussed it with Erin and we agreed that it woudl be better for everyone if I worked out on Sunday and took Monday off.

WOD for Sunday 082612
Bench Press (50%)
9 sets of 3 reps (varying grips)

This was pretty solid. Worked with Craig and we worked at 120# which is just a shade over 50% of my 1RM. We flew threw these doing the three sets of three reps each wide grip, neutral grip then narrow grip.

Now, I have a question about this. What’s the potential benefit of working 3 sets of the same grip as opposed to alternating each set? So why do 3 sets wide, 3 sets neutral, 3 sets narrow rather than 3 rounds rotating through wide, neutral, narrow each set? I’m just wondering what the advantages are of either strategy.

3 sets of 8 reps
These were interesting. First round went sets of 5 and 3 kipping pull ups. In the next round of 8 I got 3 “mostly” strict deadhang pull ups, then dropped down reset and finished wit 5 kipping pullups. Last round was I believe 3, 3, 2 all kipping.

I wanted to push these a bit and work the deadhangs. I know they’re still a weakness and now that I feel reasonably comfortable with kipping, I want to circle back and improve the deadhangs. It’s my understanding that deadhang pullups when done correctly are initiated from the lats. If that’s true, I’m still trying to work out the muscle control to get those muscles to fire first. I don’t believe there’s a serious lack of strength in those muscles. I feel like I’m just not getting the signals to those muscles to get them to contract/pull first. It’s very odd.  But they are coming along.

4 Rounds For Time:
Row 250m
5 Right arm KB Snatch (52/35)
5 Left arm KB Snatch
5 Burpee Pullups

This was a sweet WOD. I really enjoyed it. I scaled the snatches back to 44#. Rowing went reasonably well. It’s not something I get to do often. Given that, form and intensity seemed ok. Coach Paul caught me rolling my shouders forward at one point and warned me about it, but otherwise it felt good.

Snatches at 44# went smoothly. As directed, I was able to get through all of them unbroken. Not sure I’d have been able to manage that on the left with a 52#.

Burpee pull ups went ok. I chose poorly when I selected my first station on the pull up rig. I was going to work on the one closest to my rower. That meant the rower, kettle bell and pull up bar were all no more than 15 ft apart and in sequence. I failed to realize someone else was working on an interior bar perpendicular to me. We both had to work hard to avoid colliding with one another during that first round. Second round I moved to a different bar and it was much harder. After the fact I realized I’d moved to a bar that was higher than the one I’d used in the first round. Attention to detail. I’m good like that, you know? Last two rounds I found space on a bar that was the same height as the first round and worked through.

Time to complete: 10:35. I was very satisfied with that.

It was very cool to work out under Coach Paul’s direction again. He’s been away from CFD for a while. Now he’s back. Sunday’s only as I understand it, so I don’t know how often I’ll get to see him and work with him. Still, it was a treat to get another coach’s perspective on my work. Paul advised me after observing my kipping pull ups to avoid “chicken necking”. Seems I’ve developed a habit of extending my chin up and out during my reps to ensure that they clear the bar. I’m cutting off the range of motion that way. Need to fix that.

I was chuckling to myself during the warm ups. For part of the warm up Paul lead us through an extensive set of yoga poses. If you’re familiar with yoga you would reconize them all down dog, up dog, cat, cow, child’s pose. The catch? We put our wrists through doubled over elastic bands. This meant that when you anchored your hands to the floor and pulled apart, there was additional tension from the bands pulling inward in addition to the standard stretching associated with the poses. It was a very effective warm up.

However, I found myself laughing inwardly because as I’m looking around the gym I realize that I’m on all fours with my wrists bound with a dozen other people all in the same position…that kind of thing only happens in a Coach Paul lead WOD. Hmmm…maybe I should free up a bit more time on Sundays.