Whew! My body was still recovering from yesterday’s “Test Day.” Had to pare things back some today, and I’m pretty good with that.

WOD for Tuesday 090412
Establish 1RM
Concentrated very heavily on form today, working most of the lifts at 95#. All lifts were individual reps with plenty of time in between to evaluate, consider and rest between lifts.

Did about 3 at 45#, 3 at 75#, and then close to 9 reps at 95#. Ashley Denton was coaching today. She pointed out that I still depend on my arms too much to yank the bar higher than necessary. When I get fully extended through my body, I’m continuing to pull the bar upwards, when I should really be concentrating at that point to get down and locked out under the bar. So that’s where I put my energy today.

When it happens, I can feel the difference immediately. The bar floats. I drop under, lock and bang, it’s there. It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. That’s why they call it practice. It’s all good.

9-6-3 Reps For Time:
Deadlift (315/225)
Box Jumps (36/30)

Just like last week when we used this scheme, the additional direction for deadlifts was, “or 85% of individual 1RM.” I tried. I really did. I set the bar up at 295#, which is the appropriate scale.

But when Ashley said “go” I got two lifts in and knew there was no way I’d see the WOD through to the end at that weight. I stripped the 35# plates leaving the bar at 225# for the remainder of the METCON.

Direction for the box jumps also specified height should be 80-85% of 1RM. My 1RM currently is 38″, so a 30″ box was right on target. Low end of the scale, but still on point. It was plenty.

My legs were tired. Instead of getting over and coming down on the box, I was coming at it laterally and the platform was rocking. Stew had finished his private coaching session and without my asking he came stratight over and braced the box for me.

Beyond that, Stew stayed with me providing coaching, support and encouragement throughout the rest of the METCON. It was greatly appreciated, Stew. Thanks very much. You kept me AND the box stable through that one. 😉

Finished the METCON in 5:15. Pretty solid. Wish I’d pulled a bit more weight, but I understand why I didn’t today. I’d like another shot at this one on a day when I’m feeling a bit fresher.