Traditional calendar schools have begun in our area. Maybe that’s why Dave was inspired to put us all to the test today. Here’s how I fared.

WOD for Monday 090312
Complete each of the following for time:
100 Air Squats
100 Pushups
Row 500m
Run 400m
100 Pullup

This was a very cool day at the gym. 5 events each treated as a separate event with time to recover and prepare in turn. Really enjoyed this “Test Day.”

Air Squats — done to a medicine ball at Dave’s direction. Finished this in 2:19. I was very pleased with that. I could have gone unbroken, but somewhere around 70 reps it occurred to me that there woudl be 4 other events coming up. So at 75 reps, I paused, shook out my legs a bit and then continued on. I was very pleased with this time.

100 Push Ups — time to finish 6:12. 40 were strict pushups, 60 were done from the knees. From some where around 70 on, I was doing them in 3 rep sets. It got very tiring. Would have liked more strict push ups, but again, I was cognizant of the rest of the morning’s events.

500M Row 1:41. Very pleased with this time! Not sure I’ve ever done this as a stand alone event. I’m honestly not clear how the time stacks up, but it seems solid. Found my stroke late and really plowed through the last 75 or so meters. Wish I’d found it sooner. I think the time could have been even better.

400M Run1:30 – I’m not spending the time to verify it tonight, but I’m pretty sure that’s a PR. Best times I can recall for this distance off the top of my head are 1:35. I might be mistaken, but after 3 other events, even if I’m wrong, it’s a very solid time for me. If it’s not a PR, it’s only off by 2-3 seconds. I was very surprised when Dave called it out as I crossed the line.

Pull ups — then the pull ups came along. 14:3-something I think. I noted the time, but didn’t write it down immediately. I got caught up encouraging and counting for others finishing up behind me. When it was over, I couldn’t recall my exact time. Did the first 20 unassisted. 20-40 with a red band, and then from 40 on with a blue band. These were TOUGH!

All in all, I give myself a B+ for Air Squats, C+ for Push Ups, B+ for the row, A- for the Run, D for the Pull ups. Not a bad GPA on the day.