It’s been a very satisfying and challenging week. Today was no exception.

WOD for Friday 090712
Parallette Shoot Throughs
50 Strict Reps

I’ve talked before about how I enjoy these. Today, it was a matter of grinding out the reps. My body is tired and I know I’m not alone.

Coach Ashley put the group through extensive mobility work with a lacrosse ball this morning. It was necessary and much appreciated. I don’t normally speak for or about others when I write, but I think it’s safe to say we were all pretty wore out this morning. The cummulative effects of this week’s WODs had just about everyone feeling achy.

Then it was on to shoot throughs. I know I didn’t get the full 50 reps. We were a bit pinched for time and honestly, I just didn’t have the energy for them all. I didn’t record sets, but I know I did sets of 10, 8, 8 and 7. There might have been one more set of 8, but I’m unclear on that.

Craig and I shared a set of parallettes and there was a lot of banter back and forth about who’s turn it was at any given time. There were only two of us sharing, so you wouldn’t think there would be much confusion, and yet on more than one occassion the conversation went something like this.

Craig: “You’re up.”
Me: “You sure?” Mind you, I’m off wandering the floor in search of a barbell for the METCON at this point.
Craig: “Yeah, I just finished.”
Me: “Sure you don’t want to get another set in?”
Craig” “No I’m good. You’re up.”
Me: “Oh, ok….crap.”

On the minute for 12 Minutes:
5 Deadlifts
2 Hang Power Clean (75% 1RM)
1 Jerk

I enjoyed this METCON. Don’t really know how to score it, per se. I used a 125#, which is just about 75% of my clean 1RM (165).

I elected to do push jerks all the way through. Hang power cleans were a bit sloppy in the middle stages. Ashley called out to the group to be careful not to curl the bar during the cleans. I realized I was guilty, so I cleaned up the form in the later rounds.

All rounds went unbroken and no round took longer than 30 sec to complete, so there was ample time to rest. Suppose you could make the case that I could have gone a bit heavier, but my body is telling me now that the weight was just fine, thank you very much.

Looking forward to a weekend of rest,  relaxation and foam rolling. It was a good, good week.