I’ve noticed lately I’ve got lots of lists related to the gym. I need to get them organized because they really do help keep me moving forward.

WOD for Tuesday 091112
Press (65%)
9 sets of 3 reps

Did all 9 sets of 3 at 95#. That’s less than 50% of my 1RM, but it’s where I needed to be today to be quick. I tried working at 115# which would have been closer to but still under the prescribed 65% of 1RM. The reps were far too slow and my form was sloppy at that weight.

Scaling back to 95# meant I was in control and moving at the right speeds. On speed days like today, we’re supposed to move through a rep basically on a two second count. Move the barbell up in one second and down on the second. In order to do that, I had to pull the weights back. No big deal.

“Air Force”
Complete the following for time, but do 4 burpees at the start of each minute:
20 Thrusters (95/65)
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
20 Push Jerks
20 Overhead Squats
20 Front Squats

Very cool to do a tribute WOD today in observation of 9/11. Great choice on Dave’s, the gym owner, part. I wore my 9/11 tribute shirt and my dog tags from my Army days. I suspect that might seem trite to some. I don’t care. It’s meaningful to me.

I scaled the weight to 75#. Finished in 11:38. Break it down and it took roughly two sets to get through each exercise. The subsets weren’t clean 10 and 10 divisions. I wasn’t that strategic. My only conscious strategy was to manage the clock to manufacture some rest so I wouldn’t burn out. I dropped the bar anywhere from 50-55 seconds into each minute to ensure a couple of seconds to rest and breathe before the next round of burpees.

Funny thing about that is I’ve watched other folks use that strategy before. I never liked seeing people do that. I always sort of looked at it as violating the sprit of CrossFit and the “go hard, or go home” mindset. I’d watch folks drop a bar with 10 seconds left in a minute before they had to transition and always thought, “why would you do that? That’s not the way the game should be played.” Over time I started to realize that the folks who did it always survived the WODs in much better shape than I did. They always finished faster than I did too. I started to reconsider and reform my opinion. Guess after a year plus, I’ve finally learned a thing or two. The first being that most of those people are much smarter than I am. 😉

We had time to spare after the WOD. I elected to practice my kipping rather than double unders. I’m targeting Bar Muscle Ups as the next exercise that I want to move from the “can’t do” to the “can do” list. Jack came by as I was practicing. I explained what I was trying to do. He offered two tips. First, “think hips to bar,” then when you accomplish that, “do the fastest sit up you can manage” over and around the bar. I’ve got a long way to go on bar muscle ups, but that’s cool.

I tried to apply what Jack said but I’ll need a lot more practice before I can execute. I found today that in order to pull my hips close to the bar, my body is going parallel to the floor. That seems counter productive because so much of my body is extended under the bar at that point. I’ve got to work on managing my kip so that I stay closer to vertical as I elevate my hips towards the bar. It’ll take time, but it will come.

So about my lists. I’m discovering I have lots of lists for the gym. There’s the “things I can’t do…YET” list. This is a very long list, but getting shorter as every week goes by. There’s the “things I can do” list. This list continues to grow. Maybe not as quickly as I would always like, but it does. Somewhere in the middle lays the “things to experiment with” list. These are the accessories/toys that don’t get utilized often in WODs or I just haven’t had an opportunity to try. The next item to try on the “things to experiment with” list is the sled. Chad used the extra time today to some 200M sled work. He talked Griff into taking a turn with it. I was done with my kipping work and was tempted to try it, but it really was time to head home do my daddy duties helping the family get out the door to school on time. If there’s time Thursday or Friday this week, I may have to monkey around with that one.  Anyone have suggestions on “favorite under-utilized toys in the box” that I should experiment with? Would love suggestions.