Today was a great reminder why CrossFit is so much fun and why it’s important to me.

WOD for Monday 091712
Muscle Ups
3 reps on the minute for 10 minutes

At Coach Erin’s direction, I (and most of the 6:15 crew) worked transitions from the floor without bands. It wasn’t that we couldn’t use bands, but Erin wanted to encourage us to work without them and really focus on our false grips, the initial pull and the forward lunge.

The first six sets, I kept my feet on the floor all the way through the transitions. For the last three rounds I pushed up through the ring dip into a locked out position each rep. It was good stuff.

10 Rounds For Time:
10 Russian KB Swings (pick weight)
5 Box Jumps (24/20)
Run 100m

This was a very fun WOD! Sort of a play ground WOD which are always my favorites. It was titled “Russian Bears.” I felt a bit like a bear lumbering up the sidewalk on some of the later 100M sprints! 😉

Actually, that expression “I don’t have to be faster than the bear. I just have to be faster than you” occurred to me during more than one sprint. It made me grin and motivated me to try and chase down who ever happened to be out in front of me on the sidewalk. Most of the time it worked. Rounds 7 and 8 though, the bear would have got me. Ah well.

I really did take the direction regarding sprinting to heart. Dave advised on the CFD site “Take a deep breath, or two, before each run and sprint as hard as you can.” I tried to apply that. Most rounds it helped. Sprints felt dare I say, “pretty quick” today.

Box jumps were done with a 24″ platform. The goal was to go unbroken on all KB swings and jumps. I nearly pulled it off.  I missed a jump in the middle of the 8th round. My attention lapsed and I got off center. My right foot slipped off the right side of the platform. No fall. No injuries. No drama. Just threw me off. I took a moment to walk around the platform and regain my focus then started again.

KB swings were done with a 62# kettle bell and were done unbroken all 10 rounds. Finished the WOD in 14:40.

So why is all of this significant? 62# is my 8 year old! I’ve told the story of how and why I finally decided to get in shape a couple of times (here  and here ). The short version is there was a day in my life where I realized I was so weak and unhealthy I was no longer capable of lifting my own children (then 14 mos and 6 yo). If you’re a parent, consider that. That was the day I realized everything had to be different.

Two plus years later, I basically stood there this morning and over the course of less than 15 minutes swung my 8 yo 100 times from between my knees to eye level. That’s a benchmark that will never show up on a whiteboard at the box. There’s no box to check for that in my daily WOD journal. But you can bet the bank that I’ll never lose sight of that one and it’s a benchmark that I’m damn proud of.

The kids and I actually do “critter bell swings” around the house and yard sometimes when we’re horsing around. One of the kids will stand between my feet and ball themselves up holding their knees to their chest. I’ll interlock my hands under their arms and then do eye-level swings with them for a few reps. It’s a lot of fun for all of us.

Of course, if any of you ever suggests to my kids that Daddy could do that 100 times, you’d better be ready to take your turn and go toe to toe for time! Actually the kids don’t care about time, they’ll want to do max reps! And don’t worry. two kids means we’ve got a 35# and a 62# Critter bell so we can scale! 😉