Pretty good day today. Spent a fair bit of time swinging from the rings…and finished the week with a crusher WOD.

WOD for Friday 092112
Skin the Cats
18-20 total reps in sets of 1, 2, or 3 at a time

For folks that may not be familiar. “Skin the Cat” is the name for a gymnastics maneuver where you invert yourself in the gymnastics rings and then then try to lower your feet to the floor behind you while maintaining a good pike position. Then reverse the motion to lift your feet from the floor, go inverted again.

All sets today were done in groups of 3 reps. Kind of lost count of the sets as we went along. I’m sure I did at least 6 sets. Guessing I may have done as many as 8. We were all having fun with these, enjoying playing around on the rings and exchanging observations and encouragement. So the counting of reps sort of became secondary. We have a few new faces in the early morning group that are quickly becoming regulars.

Coach Erin encouraged me to work on maintaining straighter lines. No matter what we do, it all comes back around to “tight abs, tight ass.” She wanted me to tighten my core which would create straighter lines keeping me closer to vertical during tucks and inversions. As well as force me to maintain more strict pikes when lowering my feet behind me to the floor. It seems as with many exercises, even on the rings I depend most heavily on my arms and shoulders to muscle my way through things. Have to continue to develop and tighten my core so I can employ that more in almost everything I do.

For Time:
5 Rounds For Time:
5 Deadlifts (275/185)
10 Burpees

I entertained the idea of doing this one Rx for as long as it took me to set the bar up and try 2 practice reps. After the second rep I announced aloud, “Rx?! No. Not today.” I reloaded the bar with 245#. That was plenty.

As I mentioned on FB earlier today, 25 deadlift x 245lb  + 5 rds x 10 burpees/rd) = serious quality time w/my foam roller later today! This was a TOUGH WOD and I am SORE! It’s the good kind of sore, but sore all the same. Looking forward to a weekend of recovery. This one took me 7:20 to finish. I dropped straight to the floor after the final burpee. I was spent.

On a gear related note. I got my innov-8 f-lite 230’s today. First reaction: I LIKE them! My only issue with my last pair of innov-8’s were the soles. It was my own fault. I didn’t buy smart. I bought the “indoor” shoe. The sole was nearly smooth. Fine on dry lifting platforms and rubberized floors, etc. But if there was any moisture in the soil or on the pavement running, things got slippery! They would even get slick on moist floor mats or platforms, if you perspired enough…and yes, I do. Frequently.

I moved to New Balance Minimus for my next pair of trainers. I favored the treads on those, but never got comfortable with the “cuff” around the ankle. It never closed completely when tied leaving gaps. When I wear them, there’s always this buggy little thought rattling around in the back of my head that I might roll an ankle. To be clear, it never happened. 4 WODs/week for months and I never actually had a problem. I never took a tumble that I would attribute to my shoes. But I always worried I might. I’ve got enough problems. I don’t need to be distracted by my shoes.

Now with the f-lite 230’s I’ve got traction, stability and style. What can I say? I like the purple and the sort of “bowling shoe” look. It makes me smile. They’re eye catching too. I know this because despite my best and brightest funky Friday shorts many people noticed and asked me if I was wearing new shoes. Yes. Yes I was.