Alternately titled “Solid on Both Ends.” There were a lot of things to pay attention to today. I think I got a handle on most of them.

WOD for Tuesday 092512
Establish 1RM
Pretty solid day with these after a lot of refinement. Warmed up with a set of 3 reps at 75#, then did 6 reps at 95#. Jack came by and observed. I mentioned after one of the lifts that I felt as if I was hauling the bar too far out in front of my body. He agreed that I was and added, “yeah, your bar path was kind of all over the place there.” He added, “you’re solid on both ends. We need to clean up the middle.”

Seems I’m still not pulling my knees back right from the start of the lift. This is keeping the bar too far away from me after clearing my knees. Then I’m hauling the bar inward to my hips to pop it up. After that, I’m yanking out and up instead of straight up on the last pull. What can I say? My snatch has issues.

I did a few more reps at 95# and got more comfortable with the motions. Jack observed one of the last lifts at that weight and confirmed that it looked much better, but now I was catching the bar high. I wasn’t getting down under the bar into a deep squat. So I tried to be mindful of that going forward.

I moved up to 115# and did 4 reps. I missed the 3rd one. I was preoccupied with pulling my knees back, hitting all the positions, being aggressive with the pull, but pulling up only, squatting deeply…etc, etc. I forgot all about that little part where you have to lock your arms out over your head to keep the heavy iron bar from coming down on you. Details, details.

When I hit my squat I realized my wrists were bending back at a nearly painful angle and my elbows were compromised and the lift was just screwed. I bailed out immediately. The fourth lift was much better.

One final lift at 125# felt very solid. That’s 10# off my 1RM and we’re told that it’s ok to leave something in the tank, so I walked away with a hit. Call it a single, but a hit all the same.

For Time:
80 Wall Balls (20/14)
At the start of every minute, bear crawl across the gym (approximately 24ft) and run back to the wall

OK this WOD was a whole lot more fun than I was anticipating. I read the description to Erin last night when it was posted and her initial reaction was “80 wall balls? Ugh!” Then I explained the full format and she asked, “Why bear crawls? So you can leave a trail of vomit across the gym floor?” At the time it seemed like a very real possibility.

The WOD went much faster than I anticipated. That was a welcome surprise. Total time to complete was 4:54. That time caught me off guard. Going into this I had no sense of how many wall balls I might be able to complete each minute. I was totally prepared for this WOD to last 10-12 minutes.

Wall Balls were done with a 20# ball in sets of 20-16-14-13 and 17. Going into the last round I toyed with the idea of extending the WOD to 100 Wall Balls and seeing if I could get the last 20 reps in a single set. I just didn’t pull the trigger on it. I finished the 80 reps so close to the start of the next minute that I decided I had enough. That’s the first time I’ve even entertained the idea of extending a METCON.  What the hell is wrong with me?

I suspect Jack was surprised at how quickly the METCON as over as the entire group was finished by 7:05. That meant lots of spare time for play time!

I monkeyed around with kipping for a bit as well as practicing a few reps of Toes to Bars, but I wasn’t really into those. Jack asked if I’d had an opportunity to experiment with the Rogue Reverse Hyper  Rack? Machine? (What’s the appropriate term for that. Reverse Hyper just sounds incomplete, but that’s all they offer on their page). I had not tried it yet, so he graciously demonstrated how it works and guided me through a couple of sets. I’ll just say it plainly, “That’s a whole new brand of pain!” Whew!

But it was a great chance to tinker with a machine/exercise that I hadn’t had exposure to previously, so it was cool. Thanks for the coaching, Jack! I did 2 sets of 5 reps and 1 set of 10 reps with 50# on the machine. I’m definitely looking forward to using that one again.