WOD for Thursday 092712
Bench Press (50%)
9 sets of 3

Partnered with Craig today and we agreed to work at 135#. The weight was beyond 50% of either of our 1RM’s. But we both felt our current maxes are out of date, and felt we could manage the additional weight.

The reps all seemed pretty smooth and quick to me. Craig certainly didn’t seem to struggle with it. I have no idea what my 1RM might turn out to be the next time we test it, but I’m pretty confident that I can exceed the last 1RM I have on record. We’ll see.

20-15-10-5 Reps For Time:
Dumbbell Thrusters (40/25)
Ring Pushups

I had a good time with this METCON. I scaled the thrusters to 25#. I wanted to use 30’s but searched quite a while and couldn’t locate any. I accepted it as a sign from the CrossFit gods that 25# was the correct weight afterall.

Ring push ups were done with my feet elevated on a short box.

My only real plan was to break everything down into sets of 5 and take 3 steady recovery breaths between each set. I also resolved not to set the dumb bells down. I was sort of successful.

Thrusters went according to plan. 5 reps at a clip. I had to be careful to squat deeply enough each rep. Somewhere during the set of 15 Coach Erin called out, “Make sure you’re squatting deeply enough and getting below parallel. That was for you, Paul.”

I  appreciate being held accountable. I thought, “Well that sounds like ‘no rep’ to me.” So I added one more rep that set. After that, I was very conscious about squatting deeply. In fact, I bottomed out many of the squats.

The round of 20 ring push ups went according to plan. The round of 15 went something like 1 set of 5 reps, then sets of 3 and 2 until completion. Ring push ups for rounds of 10 and 5 used the 3 rep/2 rep pattern.

I didn’t have my WOD book with me this morning and didn’t record the final time. I believe it was around 7:25. I know it was less than 8 minutes, but I might have been closer to 8 than 7.

I really was surprised at how much I enjoyed this METCON. I was not looking forward to thrusters.
There was plenty of time after the METCON, so I practiced some double unders. Most runs went about 10 reps. One went to 14. It feels good not to be intimidated by double unders anymore. I still have a long way to go before I’d claim to be proficient, but I don’t cringe when they show up in a WOD anymore.

Also threw in 3 sets of 10 back extensions on the GHD for good measure. All in all, a good day.