This was the first thought that crossed my mind as I lie in bed at 5am listening to the downpour outside our windows. I’d done two workouts already this week. I was sorely tempted to skip today’s workout. But I knew it was all indoors, so the rain really wasn’t a viable excuse. In the end I figured, I’d better stick to the schedule and not start skipping days.

WOD for Tuesday 100212
Snatch Pulls – 100% 1RM                  

My 1RM for a snatch is 135#. These pulls were done as prescribed. Focusing exclusively on pulls is foreign to me. Haven’t had a lot of practice at it. It just feels counterintuitive to go through the initial motions of the lift with aggression and purpose, but not complete it. I get why it’s constructive and effective. Mentally, it’s just hard to ‘check your swing’ so to speak.

Still they went ok. Plenty to work on to make these better and improve the lift overall. I need to remember to drop even during these pulls. It’s too easy to only focus on going up and ignore the drop. That leads to bad habits later. Coach Jack was very effective at keeping us all on task with this one.

Snatch – 80% 1RM                   
I worked these at 115#. A bit heavier than prescribed, but still manageable. They went fairly well. This was where three straight days of workouts started to show. It was difficult to drop quickly and deeply enough to really have effective snatches. Still, I was satisfied with the results.

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes:
3 Hang Power Cleans (70% 1RM)

I did these at #125. Right at prescribed. I attempted one set from the second position below the knee near the middle of the METCON. Those felt awful! Dropping the bar from position one on the hips in the ‘seated’ position down below the knees and then trying to come back up felt like way too much work and was very SLOW. I went back to and continued to use position 1 for the rest of the sets.

I was pleased with more of the cleans than I was displeased. Late in the WOD I realized that the third clean of each set was far more dependent on my arms than hips. I tried to focus and improve on that as we worked to completion.

Greg decided to add 3 dead hang pull ups to each round upon completing the cleans. It was very impressive. I had no such extra initiative.

I limited my extra effort to the bonus “challenge” 9th round of cleans that Jack invited everyone to do. He just left the clock running after the 8th round and called out that anyone who was inclined to do one more round of cleans at the top of the next minute was welcome to do so. From where I stood, everyone doing the WOD accepted the challenge and went one more round.

Banded Good Mornings
100 Reps

All Banded Good Mornings were done with a blue band. I did them nearly unbroken. Stopped around rep 75 to catch my breath and stayed uprighth a bit too long to claim unbroken. After the METCON, Craig challenged me to do a few black (the thickest heaviest bands in the box) banded reps. I did exactly 5. The tension of the band was pulling so hard that I was seriously concerned about smashing my nose into the gym floor every time I bent forward. It’ll be a while before I use those regularly. But I suspect the next time these come around I would probably benefit from doing some with a blue band and some with a green.

It was a very good day, but I’m really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow after 3 straight days of WODs. I’ve enjoyed all the workouts this week, but I’ve clearly established I’m not yet fit enough to go to a 3 day on 1 day off workout cycle. I’m confident that I’d wear myself out and injure myself in pretty short order. That’s useful information to have.