I got up at 5:30 am to go to the gym on a corporate holiday. I need to have my head checked. Setting that aside, it was another great day.

WOD for Monday 100812
Push Press
Establish 1RM

I love presses, all of them. It’s a large part of the reason I chose to go in early today. I wouldn’t miss this.

Warmed up at 95# with a set of three reps. Did a pair of reps at 135#. Everything was feeling good. From 135, I moved to single reps at 155#, 175# and 195#.

Jack and a few others observed the lift at 195#. The running commentary was, “that looked easy.” Michelle commented, “you barely bent your knees pushing that up.” I told her, when it gets this heavy, I’m afraid to bend my knees for fear they might buckle!”

While 195# wasn’t easy, it did feel strong. I was confident I could top my old PR of 200#. the million dollar question was by how much.

Rather than try to rerack 195#, I’d let the bar drop to the floor after that lift. Craig was gracious enough to help me re-rack the bar and get set up for the next lift. We loaded it at 205# and I lingered for a while. He thought I was adding up the weight and confirmed that it was 205#. I told him, “yeah, add the 5# plate too.” So 215 it would be.

It was a tough wobbly lift, but it went up and stayed up! That’s a 15# improvement over my old PR and about 98% of bodyweight. I’m really pleased with that.I suspect that 1RM is going to be around for a while, but that’s ok.

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
Run 400m
15 Push Press (115/75)

Craig and I joked a couple of times before we got started about whether or not we’d do this Rx. We agreed that at least if we were lifting, then we weren’t outside running in the cold. So Rx it would be. I’d given this WOD a lot of thought the night before. I wasn’t too concerned about the lifting. I was concerned about how much daylight I’d tear up running. I was I was hoping to pull all the runs in around 2 minutes and my goal was to complete 4 full rounds.

Presses really weren’t an issue. First round unbroken. 2nd round were done 7 and 8 reps and the 3rd round went 10 and 5.

Runs unfortunately, were all over the place. First run was 1:45 I was very satisfied with that. The second and third were well over 2 minutes. The third actually exceeded 2:30. The fourth run was also right around 2:30. There were 6 seconds left on the clock as I was re-entering the gym.

Total 3 Full Rounds and 4 400m runs, Rx. Not bad. I would have been more pleased, if I’d kept the runs more consistent.

Face Pulls
100 reps

These were done with a red band and were done in sets of 40, 30 and 30, I believe.