Some days motivation to keep going at the gym comes from unexpected places.

Check out this photo of Kevin James in a promotional picture for his upcoming film “Here Comes the Boom.”

Photo by Columbia Pictures


He plays a biology teacher that takes up MMA prizefighting in order to raise money for the school where he teaches. According to the article I read, he trained for 14 mos working out 3 times a day to get into shape and learn the skills necesary to make the movie passably believable.

He may not qualify for ‘beast mode’ or be in contention for ‘fittest in the world’ but he looks solid, right? Those biceps have obviously had some work. Look at the jaw line. Not too much excess baggage going on there.

Now check out this video from a recent Letterman program promoting the film. You don’t even have to watch the entire 2 min clip. Just watch until the first closeup of Kevin.

It’s easy to wonder what the hell happened to him. We all understand the movie was made about 18 mos ago. I’m sure we could all understand the mindset of, “well, now that that’s over, I’ll back off some as I move on to other things.’ After all, the guy’s an actor and a comedian, not an athlete.

Still, you have to believe that he looked in the mirror the whole time he was training and he had to like what he saw. So it’s natural to wonder why would he let it get away? I can’t answer those questions for some one else, but I look at this and it scares the ever living shit out of me.

Why do I care at all about Kevin James’ weight? You know how they say everyone has a celebrity look alike, right? I’ve always been told I’m a dead ringer for him. I can see it. I don’t deny it. I actually kind of like his self-deprecating stand up. However, I’ve never really liked the comparison because of his general shape.

I was really impressed to see that picture and equally distressed to see the video.

He trained for 14 mos. That’s about the length of time I’ve been really committed to the gym and maintaining a healthy diet. Like anything some days are easier than others. Some days it’s tougher than others to make the right food choice, or find the energy to get to the gym.

Now here’s a guy that admits that he knew he’d have to go out and face the press one day to promote his work. He knew there would be awkward questions and comparisons eventually and he didn’t do anything about it. Where does that leave some one like me? I’m not really sure. All I know is that I don’t ever want to go back into my family photos and videos and see things going the wrong way.

That means tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off, I’ll get out of bed on the first ring. No snooze alarms. No turning the alarm off and telling myself, “well, if I doze off, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.”

No more telling myself, “I’ll be all right eating that. I’m heading to the gym tomorrow.” Time to refocus on the whole package again. Like I said, some days it’s just odd where you can find the energy to renew your motivation.