This one’s much less about today’s WOD and more of a follow up on yesterday’s post.

WOD for Thursday 101112
Front Squat – 85% 1RM    

All 5 sets done at 185#, just a shade over 80% of 1RM. Form felt really good. Stayed back in the heels the whole time and kept elbows up very high. I look forward to retesting my 1RM on this one very soon.

Alternating Tabata Intervals (total of 8 minutes):
Ring Dips/Dips/Pushups
Abmat Situps

Used a purple band for ring dips. Total score: 138 (58/80 respectively)

Banded Good Mornings
100 Reps
All done with a green band. This was overkill. Form got shitty late and I rightfully got corrected for it. Should have split up the sets between a green and blue band. Can tell by the soreness in my back, I’m going to ache for days from this one.

So onto what’s really on my mind…maintaining motivation.

Yesterday I posted this. I talked about how Kevin James after 14 mos of extensive physical training in preparation for a movie apparently gave it all up and added on a significant amount of bodyweight. This concerns me for a few reasons: 1) Before I started getting in shape, it was common for people to tell me that I look like him. So I tend to follow his career with more than a casual eye. 2) 14 mos is roughly the same amount of time I’ve been doing full on Crossfit and adhering to a strict 4 day a week program.

I haven’t skipped any workouts and I’m reasonably consistent and healthful in my diet. Yet there certainly have been mornings where the alarm went off at 5:15 am and I’ve thought, “You know? The world won’t spin off it’s axis, if I don’t hit the gym today.” So far though, I’ve been able to recognize the excuses for what they are and beat them down and haul myself out of bed to get to the gym.

There have also been days where I’ve justified less than healthy eating with, “It’s ok. I worked out today, and I’ll be back a the gym tomorrow.” Honestly, that’s a bigger issue and a separate post.

But reading about Kevin James and knowing how the excuse level seems to be creeping higher lately has me wondering about how do I stay motivated to continue to pursue all of this at a high level. Like I said yesterday. I don’t ever want to look in the mirror again or look at family photos and see the Paul that was 280 lbs. It literally scares me that that I might allow that to happen if I don’t stay vigilant.

In responding to my post, Crossfit Paul asked me via Facebook, “am I intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?” I had to mull that over for a while.

Back when I started this, the motivation was definitely extrinsic. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to feel better and take pride in my appearance again. To a large degree, I feel like I’ve accomplished much of that though there are still miles to go. I’d be lying, if I said that doesn’t still motivate me to some degree. I like what I see in the mirror now and I don’t ever want to lose that feeling. But there’s more to it than just, “looking better naked” for me now.

If I’m going to the gym on any given day, I’m always online the night prior scanning for the e-mail announcing the WOD has been posted. Soon as I read it, I’m checking my Excel lift charts, checking how I performed the last time we practiced those exercises. I’m setting goals for new 1RM’s. Or if the WOD calls for it calculating percentages of 1RM’s to have a target weight in mind for the next moring.

Every time we work a lift or skill, I want my performance to be better than the time before. I still get excited about the prospect of a new lift or new skill that I haven’t seen before, or a new twist on a familiar lift. That gets me all jazzed up to go the next morning.

So to answer the initial question…I would say, “Both. But at this stage, I’m far more intrinsically driven than extrinsically.” I crave the challenge and the satisfaction that comes from improving my technique and form which means I get more technically proficient at things and then the weights and reps improve. That’s what excites me most days. I understand that my body will continue to evolve as a result of all the work. I certainly don’t want my body to degrade from a lack of effort. But overall, I’m comfortable with the guy standing in front of the mirror now.

I guess that’s the answer. Continue to push for better form, improved technique and strive for new goals. That and always remember that this stuff is SO MUCH FUN!