Just a bunch of aches and creaks and pops going on in my body today. Made for a tougher than expected workout.

The past couple of days I’ve been wrestling with a bunch of small aches in various spots. It started Sunday night. I noticed a twinge in the top of my right glute and hip that I can’t seem to roll out. Yesterday’s WOD followed by 3 hours or so of 35# weighted walks with Lil Bit in my arms or on my shoulders at the NC State Fair didn’t help matters. I just felt creaky today despite some extended foam rolling last night and this morning.

WOD for Tuesday 101612
Bench Press – 50% bar weight + 20% band tension      
9 sets of 3

Worked these as prescribed. 115# + red bands for tension. Worked 3 sets of each of all 3 grips (wide, normal, narrow). All sets were done on the minute. The reps were probably slower than ideal, but I stayed with the weights. The last two sets of narrow grip presses were wobbly. The bands seemed to be pulling the bar in all sorts of odd directions.

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Double Unders

I had it in my head that I should be able to knock out 8 rounds of this METCON. I was feeling particularly good about that goal before we started because I did some double under warm up sets and hammered out two quick runs of 10 reps each. Jack, Griff and Troie all noticed and complimented them knowing that I’ve been working on those.

Alas, when the clock started, the double unders abandoned me. They were the limiting factor for this WOD.  I just used up way too much time trying to get just 15 reps. I got frustrated mid-WOD and switched ropes hoping that the change in gear would shift my mojo. No luck.

Jack saw me make the switch. As I was getting the new rope, I told him, “that one just seems shorter than most of the others.” He reminded me to keep my hands close to my sides and I knew they were floating out. It was just tough to stay in control. Even once I got my own rope, I wasn’t any better and I even commented to Jack, “all right, I confess. It’s not the rope’s fault.” My shoe came untied during one run. That didn’t help. Double unders were just a mess. Ah well.

On the positive side, pull ups went smoothly. I did four rounds of 5 unbroken kipping pullups, a fifth round as 4 and 1 without dropping from the bar and two rounds of 3 and 2 with a drop.

The first 4 rounds of pushups all went unbroken. Set 5 was done 8 and 2. The last two sets were done 6, 2, 2, I believe.

When the clock ran out, I’d completed 6 full rounds plus a seventh round each of pull ups and push ups. Not bad, but that 8 rounds should have been attainable.

There was plenty of time to spare after the METCON so I worked on pistols for a while. I’m taking these on as a new initiative to improve my balance and basic foundation. Lately I just feel unstable on my feet. I can’t really describe it better than that. I also know I have a serious imbalance in strength between my left and right side. It’s my hope that working on pistols a while will help correct both of those challenges and improve my overall performance.

That being said, these hurt today! It’s been a long time since I’ve practiced them and my hips have been particularly sore of late. I started out doing the pistols 5 on each leg holding on to a vertical support from the pull up rig with nothing beneath me. I wound up seated on the floor more than I care to admit.

So I abandonded the rig and used a 17″ box. That made all the difference in the world. I did a total of 15 more reps on each leg (3 sets of 5). There were some decent reps on both legs where I was able to rise after just gently touching my backside to the box, mostly though I sat them down. Definitely need to make those a priority for a while. I’m not too concerned about doing full strict pistols, yet. Right now I just want to have confidence in my legs again. I want to be able to maneuver steadily up and down on one leg. Right now I feel very unstable. Hopefully, it helps.