What a way to start the week. New PR’s and seemingly inappropriately suggestive workouts. What’s not to love about Crossfit?

WOD for Monday 102212
Clean and Jerk
Establish 1RM

I don’t think I’ve ever tested for a clean and jerk 1RM as a combination before. If I did, I failed to record it. But having done cleans and jerks separately, I had a fair idea of what I expected to accomplish.

The clean would be the limiting factor. Of the two lifts, the clean is definitely weaker. My clean 1RM is 180#. My jerk 1RM is 200#. I always tell folks, “if I can get it off the floor, I’ll get it overhead.”

I did a warm up set of 3 reps at 95#. Jack reminded me early on to watch my knees and pull them back to maintain a straighter bar path. I thought I had been mindful, but obviously not enough, so I tried to remember that going forward.

Followed the warm up set with sets of 2 reps ea at 135# and 155#. The cleans were feeling very good today. So I moved to a single at 165#. That lift also felt smooth. Kept reminding myself to “force my elbows through” to make sure my elbows were fast and elevated high enough. The jerks, all done as push jerks, simply because I’m more confident with those, all felt stable and fast.

After 165, I went straight after a new PR. I didn’t want to expend energy unnecessarily on weights that I felt I ought to be able to lift. I was also concerned about time. I wanted to ensure I’d have adequate rest time between lifts (I tend to rush that) and I wanted time for multiple attempts, if I missed.

The clean for 185 went very well. It was definitely heavy, but everything seemed to fire when it needed to. Once I stood it up, I sort of lost focus. I skipped a step and paid the price for it. I was very concerned about getting my head forward through the window of my arms. So I failed to pull my head back at all at the start of the lift. I ended up rattling my teeth hitting myself under my chin with the bar. Despite the distraction I was able to complete the lift for a 185# clean and jerk.

I took two shots at 195# and failed. Jack had observed the 185 lift and assured me that if I could replicate the technique, I would be able to do 195#. The first attempt was the better of the two. Jack saw it and told me after I picked myself off the floor that it was “a made clean, but for the balance.”

I smiled because I knew just what he meant. The technique felt really good. High strong pull, fast deep drop. Fast elbows under the bar. Somehow though I didn’t get my feet set under me and had to bail. It actually felt as if my chest bounced back off the bar as they met during the squat and that set me rocking backward.

I took one more shot at it, but I had already talked myself out of it. I approached, gripped and set myself up on the bar twice and walked away unsure of the lift. Just got thinking about it too much. Knowing that I was overthinking it, the third time I tried to just walk up, grip it and rip it and that didn’t work. Didn’t even pull the bar high enough to try and squat under it. Still, not disappointed. The 185# was a very satisfying lift.

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
10 Overhead Reverse Alternating Lunge (45/35)
15 Situps
20 Double Unders

This was a fun WOD! I really wasn’t sure how I would enjoy it. Last week my double unders abandoned me, but I was optimistic today. My goals weren’t very ambitious. 1) Don’t stop. I just wanted to stay in motion the entire 15 minutes. 2) All Lunges, and situps should be unbroken.

Overhead Reverse Alternating Lunges (which going forward will be referred to as ORALs) were tricky. Stepping backward rather than forward takes just enough extra concentration to throw me off a bit. All were done with a 45# plate and unbroken, but not very fast. All situps were AbMat situps and done unbroken.

Double unders went better than expected! Before we started, I attempted some warm ups and could manage no more than 4 reps per run. My friend Lexi noticed and I told her, “4 is the magic number of the day. It seems I’ll be doing all the double unders as 5 sets of 4.”

However, there were two rounds where I went 20 full reps unbroken! That’s a long run for me! I was estatic it until I realized that I had to pick up that damn 45# plate that much quicker! Ah well, trade offs.

Somewhere mid-WOD Lexi called out to me as I was doing double unders, “I saw that! That was 6 reps! Nice work!” I answered back as I was resetting to start again. “You missed it! I’ve had two runs go unbroken.” She said, “great job!” I then resumed the next set and whacked myself in the back of the head on the second rep. Ah well. Small victories. Part of the success today has to be attributed to using my own rope again. I’ve gotten accustomed enough to that specific rope that I can get away with my hands floating out farther than most coaches like, but it works for me. I understand that closer is better and faster but with my rope which is cut long, I’ve got more latitude to let my hands drift a bit and still have enough rope to pass over and under comfortably.

In the end, I completed 7 full rounds, plus 10 ORAL. It was a good day.

This is your chance to turn away.

At the risk of wandering off into inappropriate places…The name of this WOD, as posted on CFD was “More than a Mouthful.” It was a reference to the lengthy name of the lunges. When the WOD was posted last night, I laughed out loud reading it. The idea that that Overhead Reverse Alternating Lunges could be abbreviated as ORAL, in combination with the title just left me laughing.

Erin heard me so I had to explain. In the process, I explained all of the exercises the WOD included. Her response was “How can a WOD called ‘more than a mouthful’ and include ORAL, but not snatches?” Missed opportunity, I guess.