So Saturday I had a chance to do the benchmark WOD “Grace.” It was a good first date.

The full WOD was

WOD for Saturday 102712
Muscle Ups

3 reps on the minute for 12 minutes

I don’t have muscle ups and didn’t want to burn up too much on this portion of the workout. I did 3 ring rows focusing on using a false grip and 3 ring dips using a red band.

Things went pretty smoothly.

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

I worried for days about whether or not I could even complete this WOD Rx. I altered WODs to avoid certain exercises the day prior.  Coaches and friends all assured me that I could and should try it that way. So that was the plan walking into the gym.

When Coach Ryan announced Saturday morning that everyone should pick a weight that would allow them to finish under five minutes, I seriously reconsidered whether I’d go Rx or not.

I spoke to Ryan as I was setting up. I said, “You know, I really wanted to try this Rx, but I don’t think I can finish in 5 minutes.”

He asked, “Can you finish in 6 or 7 minutes?”

I thought to myself, “7 minutes? Shit, either I’ll have finished, or my arms will have fallen off.” So I answered, “Yeah, in 7 minutes, it’ll all be over.”

It was a total surprise to drop the bar after the last rep, glimpse the clock and see a time of 4:54!  

From my point of view it just reinforces that I have no realistic understanding of what I’m capable of. But I’m learning.