Perhaps a simple story of an innocent mistake will provide a smile to friends and family in the North East struggling through the aftermath of the Super Storm Sandy.

Several years ago, there was, by our standards,  a massive ice storm here in Durham, NC. Being North Carolina, the powers that be responsible for the roads and recovery of power weren’t adequately equipped to deal with the challenges of restoring order to the community.

I kid you not when I tell you that in the absence of plows, the city deployed road graders in an attempt to clear ice from the streets. The effect was comparable to unleashing a fleet of Zambonis on the community, creating a network of perfect skating rinks for 30 miles in any given direction. Traffic was, to put it mildly, an unholy bitch!

In total, I believe our home in the dead of winter was without power for 5 days. In that time, my mind incurred a certain level of “brain freeze.” I say this because on one deceptively gloriously sun-filled day, I sat there in my living room. Basking in the relative warmth of a solar radiation filled home, totally oblivious to the lack of electricity, I sat there on the couch. I looked down at the remote control to our television set and the thought actually occurred to me, “Well that runs on batteries. It ought to work.”

And yes friends, I shit you not when I tell you I reached down, picked up the remote in my blacked out home, pointed it at the TV and pushed the power button in an attempt to make the television work.

The only reason I tell you this story is because at the precise moment that I sat there with arm fully extended pointed at the TV, my wife walked into the room and asked me, “What the hell are you doing?”

I could only look at her with a dumbfounded look and respond with, “Oh, just testing a theory.”