Very surprised to see so many folks come out on cold dark Autumn mornings to exercise. Very cool to see! I know it keeps me motivated.

WOD for Tuesday 110512
Front Squat ā€“ 75% 1RM
10 sets of 2 Reps
My friend Craig and I worked our way up to and through the requisite 10 sets of 2 at 165#. This is a bit lighter than 75% of my 1RM, but it’s the weight we agreed on and it was plenty heavy for today. I felt very comfortable with all of the reps and concentrated on ensuring that reps were careful, but quick.

It’s goofy, on days where we’re sharing racks and bars it never even occurs to me to have a couple extra plates. If I’d wanted to work strict Rx, I should have had a 10# plate for each end that Craig and I could have loaded or unloaded between our respective sets. It just never occurs to me to do that. You would think that after a year of this, I’d catch on. Oh well.

5 Rounds For Time
10 Pistols
15 Wall Ball (20/14)
Run 200m

I used a 20″ platform for pistols, so no Rx today. Next time I should probably try to use a post on the pull up rig for stability. I considered it today, but 25 pistols each leg sounded like A LOT of pistols. The problem with using a box in the METCON is that I really end up just sitting down and standing back up for time. I don’t concentrate enough on proper form and just kissing my backside to the box. I just sit, stand, sit, stand and go. Not ideal. I’m cheating myself with that.

All Wall Balls were done unbroken. I was very pleased with that. Runs were TOUGH in the 36 degree morning cold. It reminded me of running back at Ft. Carson. That never was much fun. It’s tough to run when it’s cold. It’s tougher to run at altitude when it’s cold. Calling cadence for a platoon, at altitude in the cold hwile running? That’s just flat miserable.

Took 12:51 to get through all 5 rounds and my lungs were on FIRE. As the day has worn on, all of my squatting muscles are exhausted too. Very thorough combination of workouts the past two days. Feels like we’ve punished just about everything. Very efficient programming. šŸ˜‰

The past two days, the gym has been PACKED, at least by 6:15 standards. That’s been a suprise to me. The past few mornings have been cold for Durham (below 40 degrees) and with daylight savings, there’s NO hint of daylight when the gym opens. I expected light turnout at the box this week. However, there were well over a dozen people there Monday and sixteen of us today! That was very cool. Lots of great energy to feed off of and there was lots of laughter in the room as the morning went on. I always enjoy that.

On the other hand, I have some work to do meeting some of the new folks. There’s a whole bunch of folks wandering around in the mornings that I don’t know yet. I need to fix that quickly. Gotta take the time to start sharing racks, bars and platforms with some new folks.