Things were a bit tougher than usual this morning, but the problems were mostly of my own making as you’ll see.

WOD for Friday 110912
Push Press – 90% 1RM

So my last one rep max (1RM), is 200#, set in July. I was really tempted to try and push for a new one today, but understanding that we were expected to do 5 reps at that top weight, I elected to work as prescribed, or technically, just under at 175#. Knowing how much overhead work we did this week and realizing that we still had 21 handstand push ups in the METCON in front of us all added to the decision making process.

Craig and I shared a rack and bar today. We worked pretty quickly through warm up sets of 95#, 115, 135 and 155 before settling in at 175.

The push press felt really good. I’ll be looking forward to the chance to test that for a new 1RM soon. Caught myself once or twice pushing off on the fronts of my feet, so I need to watch that but otherwise, things felt good.

I mashed the big toe on my right foot this morning post-presses. Craig and I were breaking down our bar. I removed the last 45# plate with my right hand and left it standing on edge. The logic being when it’s upright, it’s easier to roll to the rack and then lift. Well, while I was paying very careful attention to my end of the 45# bar in my left hand. While I was being careful not to drop the bar on my left foot, the plate fell over and landed on top of the first two toes on my right foot! Serious, ow!

It’s not a serious injury. I’ve got a bit of blood blister on the tip of my big toe and it still aches a bit, but nothing too bad. Mostly it’s a friendly reminder. Lay those plates down flat!

3 Rounds For Time:
Run 200m
7 Handstand Pushups (HSPUs)
50 Air Squats

Another cold Durham morning made for some tough runs. 50 air squats before the 2nd and 3rd runs also made them that much tougher! That was a painful sequence of exercises.

I did HSPUs against the wall with two AbMats under my head. First round was 7 push ups (up and down). Second round was all negatives (down only). Final round I was able to mix them up 3 push ups, 4 negatives.

Air squats went 30 reps and 20 reps the first round. 20, 10, 10, 10 the second round. 20, 10, 5, 5, 5, 5 the last round.

It took 11:13 to complete. I was one of the last to finish today. No big deal. I know I pushed myself hard so I’m satisfied with the result.

Made one critical error post-WOD. I was doing air squats near the pull up rig and there was a bench located in the center of it. After completing the final reps, I collapsed to my knees and rested my head on the bench to catch my breath. Poor choice. My thighs and all the muscles in my upper legs and hips cramped up badly. I cried out and rolled to the floor onto my back so I could extend my legs. It was a few minutes before I even wanted to try and stand up.

Face Pulls
100 Reps

All Face Pulls were done with a blue band. I believe I did 40, 20, 20, and 20 reps respectively. All the small muscles in the back of my neck from behind my ears down into my shoulders complained loudly all the time I was doing the reps, so I think I got them right. 😉

So as the week concludes, I find that all of the squattin’, stoopin’, sittin’ muscles in my body are exceedingly sore. It kind of hurts to turn my head to the side too quickly and my right foot’s not real comfortable in shoes. Man, I do love this stuff. Can’t wait to see what next week holds. I’ll be more careful. I promise.