Some days I get caught up in the action around me and then things get carried away.

WOD for Thursday 111512
Hang Clean – 85%        

These were done at 145#. That’s a bit under the prescribed load, but it was the right weight for the day. Especially with the METCON that was coming up. Big kudos and thanks to Coach Erin today for tweaking my positioning on the hang clean.

I did all hang cleans from the first position and Erin showed me that I wasn’t getting my hips far enough back. Or at all for that matter. I was bending my knees, then rather than push my hips out behind me, I was leaning my chest out in front of the bar. The result is my hang clean is way over dependent on the large muscles across my shoulders and back. I wasn’t getting any appreciable pop out of my hips.

When I changed this the difference was remarkable. Not better at first, but obvious. It was like relearning the first position all over again and I’ve got a lot to learn. ;-).

I will say that I now understand why it should be possible to lift more weight with a properly executed full clean over a properly executed hang clean. Finally!

The way I’ve always done hang cleans, I could almost always hang clean at least as much as I could clean from the floor. Now I see the difference between the two. Gonna be a lot of re-learnin’ going on.

Time got compressed today and ultimately, I only did 4 sets of 2 in order to have time for the Clean and Jerks.

Clean & Jerk – 85%

Done at the same 145#. I believe I got 6 lifts in with one missed lift. The cleans were very tiring after all of the ones that came before.

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
KB Snatch (52/35)

This was a very interesting and exhausting WOD to complete.

Coach Erin was very clear about encouraging everyone to have a strategy for this WOD. “Pick a number of reps that you intend to do per minute. Try to maintain that pace through the first two minutes, then modify, if necessary, but really try to stick to it.”

With that in mind, I initially set and stated a goal of 15 reps per minute. I thought I was being conservative. Most folks around me said they were aiming for 20 or 25. My logic was that I could hopefully dial up the intensity and increase the goal on the fly, if it felt too easy. Ah, also worth noting. I did this Rx with the 52# KB.

Well the first two rounds flew! I completed 15 total reps with relative ease and had more than 20 sec remaining each round, so I spontaneously decided to go for 20 each round.

At the end of the second round, I knew I’d made a mistake. I had recovered my breath with the time remaining between minutes, but both arms felt very HEAVY. Guess I should have paid more attention to consistency of form over intensity and I should have stuck with my original plan of 15 reps per round.

It’s misleading to call them rounds isn’t it? But that’s how I had them segmented in my mind. Each round was 1 minute long. So the first two rounds/minutes were 10 swings each arm – 40 reps so far. I believe I got 15 total reps each round for the next 6 rounds – so 60 more reps. We’re up to 100 so far. I continued to be careful about keeping the distribution of swings even between arms. If I did 7 left and 8 right one minute, I did 8 left, 7 right arm snatches the next round.

The 7th minute, I got 12 reps, so we’re up to 112. Over the course of the next 3 rounds I got in 32 more snatches total, evenly distributed between my two arms. I was so gassed at that point, I was no longer tracking minutes or setting goals per minute. It was simply, “just keep going. Don’t stop snatching.” Final count 144 kettle bell snatches!

While the directions clearly said, you could switch arms as often as necessary and it was not a requirement to match the left and right arm reps, it was important to me to do so. I’ve got enough assymetries already. I don’t need to be reinforcing them.

I’m not disappointed in my score. I mean hell, 72 snatches per arm * 52 = 3744lbs moved per arm in 10 minutes. Can not be upset about that. However, it’s impossible not to wonder, if I had conserved energy early on and stuck to my 15 reps per minute plan, would I have broken 150? Who knows? Perhaps when I started to improvise and modify my goals, if I’d split the difference and targeted 18 per round, instead of getting carried away and going after 20, perhaps I would have sustained a stronger pace for longer. Guess we’ll just have to find out next time. I look forward to facing this challenge again!