There are lots of cliches in the CrossFit community about deadlifts making a day better. I’m inclined to agree.

WOD for Friday 111612
Deadlift – 90%        

By the numbers, the goal for this portion of the workout was to get to 5 individual lifts of 330# each. Of course, to get to that stage, you’ve got to do some warm ups first. That adds up to a lot of schleppin’! So the first part of the workout looked like this:

135 x 5
205 x 5
275 x 5
315 x 2

Just before the 315 lifts, Coach Doug asked me if I was starting my 5 single lifts. I told him “We’ll see. By the numbers, I should be doing 330, but let’s see how this goes, first.”  They felt good. I don’t recall exactly what Doug said, but it was clear that he expected me to go on to 330. So ok.

The lifts at 330 were all right. Doug pointed out that I was starting with good positioning in my back, but letting it round as I stood up. So I tried to correct that with the remaining lifts. Always cool to get another set of eyes on what we’re doing around the gym. I always welcome fresh perspective and constructive criticism from new sources. Bonus that I didn’t have to change my schedule to do so.

In addition to trying to maintain correct form, I focused on setting up quickly and not wasting time before lifting. Concentrated on stepping up to the bar, setting feet, establishing a grip, get a good starting position, one quick breath and LIFT! Too often when the deadlifts start getting heavy, anything around 300#, I start thinking too much. I get set on the bar and then start running through these mental checks, and dawdle and flex and basically stall. This day, it was make up your mind that it’s time to lift. Grab the bar and lift. It seemed to be successful. “Less thinking, more lifting.”

Doing some heavy deadlifts first thing in the morning is truly a great way to start the day. You just leave the box with such a sense of accomplishment. Part of it is that just in terms of raw pounds, I can deadlift far more than I can on any other lift. I suspect it’s the same for many people.

The downside is there are NO excuses when your wife asks you to move something at home. “What’s the matter, Mr. 365# Deadlift? Is your end of the couch too heavy?” It’s all about tradeoffs, you know.

3 Rounds for Time:
Run 200m
10 Overhead Squat (115/75)
5 Chest to Bar Pullups

Chest to Bar Pull Ups weren’t going to happen unassisted (I used a blue band), so Rx was out of the question. I wasn’t too sure about the OHS weight either after a week of workouts. I set the bar up with 95# and tried a couple warm up lifts. It was plenty heavy.

Runs were a pleasant surprise. I can’t say they were fast. I didn’t track them. They did feel fluid and smooth though. If you’ve read this blog more than once, you know you’ve never seen me apply those words to running. There was no plodding along. No clydesdale clop. The legs and lungs felt really good for a change.

OHS were unbroken. CTB took a bit more effort. The second round was 3 and 2 reps.

Final time was 6:57. It was a fun METCON because my friend Renee and I were pretty evenly matched and we were chasing each other from one station to the next throughout the METCON. We were on neighboring bars on the pull up rig too and approached them at the same time for the last round. We effectively finished in a dead heat. Of course, CrossFit purists will say you’re not supposed to compete against any one else. This was different.It’s simply a friendly push to keep moving forward, and perhaps move forward just a shade faster. I expect Renee would agree.

Turkish Get Ups
5 each side as heavy as possible These were done w/52# KB. They went pretty well, but I’ll admit the last two on the left side were pretty wobbly.