When you’re figuring out how to approach a WOD, it’s important to account for everything.

WOD for Monday 111912
Push Press
Establish 1RM

Push presses for one round max? Yes, please! I was ready to attack this lift this morning. No excuses on a Monday means I was determined to set a new 1RM today. Partnered with my good friend Craig again today and we motored through this portion of the WOD.

Warm up sets were:

95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 3

We moved up to 155# and began doing singles. The single at 155# felt very fast and crisp. Craig’s wife, Michelle made a comment that the bar went up so fast, she was concerned the momentum might throw me off balance, but it didn’t. From 155#, Craig and I both agreed that we didn’t want to spend a lot of time with extra lifts on our way to respective goals for the day. So made a big jump to 185#. That was another good lift.

After 185#, I went up to 205#. I was another big jump, but you never tie a PR, right? Soo 200# was out of the question and lifting 195# didn’t seem strategic either, so onwards and upwards. 205# was tough but it was successful. So that was a PR. Craig observed the lift and told me, “Congratulations. You can do more!” Always cool to have a lifting partner who will appreciate what you’ve accomplished, but not let you rest. I was sure he was right, but I wasn’t sure how more.

I really was tempted to jump to 220# for the next lift. A 220# push press would be body weight. That was very appealing, but very arbitrarty and going from 205 to 220 seemed like too much. I decided 215 seemed a good choice. So that’s what we loaded up.

My first attempt I’m really not sure what happened. I dipped. I drove. My arms locked and my knees buckled but not completely. I ended up frozen for a few seconds with the bar locked out over my head in a sort of shallow crouch. I was stuck there long enough to wonder whether I’d just executed a push press or a push jerk, and if I had jerked it, what to do about it. It was about that time I realized I had no choice about what to do. My arms were starting to tremble and I couldn’t stand it up so I bailed. Fail!

Craig looked at me and asked, “what the hell was that?” I told him, “I don’t know, and that was the problem with it!” We just laughed.

After a short rest, I made a second attempt. It wasn’t pretty, but it went up and stayed up. I kind of wished I’d recorded it. I’d be curious to know if I pushed off with the front of my feet. I suspect I did. After the bar locked out overhead I felt like I was losing it forward and to my left. I had to shuffle my feet a bit to get them secure and stablize myself. But I was able to set my feet, maintain the lockout and then be stationary for a moment, so it was a good lift.

A 15# PR to start the week is never a bad thing.

While I don’t typically mention other people’s performance, I am going to say, “Congratulations, on your PR, Craig!” Like we joked after you finished. That probably wasn’t a lift for a how-to video on technique and form, but it was a hell of an example of heart and determination! Way to go, friend!

5 Rounds For Time:
5 Shoulder to Overhead (80% 1RM)
10 Pullups

So there was a lot of discussion about the weight for this METCON. Coach Erin explained that the intent was we should use 80% of the 1RM we’d just established, but we’d be starting from the floor not the rack. 80% of 215# is 172#. 172# is 95% of my 1RM for a clean! Not likely I was going to yank that from the floor multiple times, so I based my weight on my clean rather than my push press. 80% of 180# is 144#. I tweaked that and pushed it a bit higher to 155#.

Erin made a comment at some point as we were setting up that “Hey, you only have to clean it once.” I was quick to point out, “No. There are 5 rounds, that’s 5 onces! At least!”

When it came down to it, the shoulder to overheads went pretty well. I did push jerks for all of them and all rounds went unbroken. I was determined not to have any extra onces.

Pull ups were less successful. First round was 10 kipping pull ups in two sets of 5. Second round was 5 kipping, done in 3 rep and 2 rep sets. Almost all pull ups after that were jumping pull ups. In the 4th round, I believe, I got 3 kipping pull ups.

I think I need to get more determined/committed about pullups. I feel as if I’ve been letting myself slide on them to a degree. Need to get more aggressive about them again.

Time to finish the METCON: 9:04. Well within the mix of the 6:15 crew.

It was a big crew today, too! 14 people again. Not certain if everyone’s burning calories now to make room for Thanksgiving feasts or what, but it was fun to see everyone there.

Band Pull Aparts
100 Reps

These were all done with a red band. Done in sets of 30, 25, 20 and 25. Although, if I’m completely honest, the last round was done in 16 and 9. The band got slick with sweat and I lost my grip and had to reset.

It was a great morning, but I’m anticipating shoulder mobility is going to be a real issue for the rest of the week. 😉