I really thought today was going to be the day that that nasty clown was gonna get me.

WOD for Thursday 112212
4 Rounds For Time:
27 Box Jumps (24/20)
20 Burpees
11 Squat Clean (145/105)

It was a pretty huge crowd, nearly 30 people. Folks were sharing equipment and spread out all over the gym. I know we were invited to work out doors as well. Not sure if anyone took Coach Paul up on that or not.

Going into this I had no intention of using a 24″ box for 108 total box jumps. Still by the time I’d set up my bar, 24’s were all that were avaiable. I certainly could have looked for someone to share a box with, but ultimately decided to go for it. It was an aggressive choice, and probably a bit reckless.

Burpees are burpees. The squat cleans were going to be grueling. I did 21 cleans at 145# as part of Tuesday’s WOD. My arms were still sore from that workout and it didn’t include all of the other mischief associated with this one. So I knew I wasn’t going anywhere near 145#. I set the bar at 115#, but I underestimated just how taxing all of the other work involved would be.

I didn’t have any set goals going into this other than get through it. I did have a semi-strategy though. All box jumps were to be done in sets of 9 reps. Burpees in 4 sets of 5. Cleans I thought I’d work something like 3,3,3, and 2. I was sort of successful at maintaining this.

The first round went according to plan. The second round box jumps and burpees went as planned. Cleans sort of fell apart. I got through the round and caught Coach Paul’s attention and asked him to reset the weight to 95#. He gracious enough to scale the bar back for as well as put away the 35# plates. Greatly appreciated, sir! Perhaps if I’d stuck with the 20″ box as I originally intended, I would have made it through all the cleans at 115#, but who knows?

Even through the third round I was able to maintain my strategy for box jumps and burpees, but my legs were SCREAMING! They were on FIRE! The cleans were all singles with lots of pauses for chalk, or just to stop the gym from spinning after every third or so lift.

By the time I got back to the last round of box jumps my legs were shaking so bad I was afraid to try a box jump. I wasn’t convinced I could get up on the platform. I swung my arms up and out. My right foot never moved. My left foot shook a couple of times but wouldn’t go. I tried again. Same thing. Finally, I just said, “Screw it! Get in motion do step ups!” Which I did. Those went VERY slowly, but unbroken.

About 4 reps into the burpees, I was swallowing hard after every rep, trying not to vomit. I started looking at the gym door and mapping my escape route. I was looking to see who was between me and the door, where their gear was located and what stage of the WOD they were in. Only because I was trying to map out the fewest steps to exit the building to puke! I was definitely wrestling hard with “Uncle Pukie” through this one and serously thought this was going to be the WOD where I lost my breakfast. It seemed prudent to have an evacuation plan to avoid losing it on the gym floor. Fortunately, it never quite came to that.

The last round of cleans were just about being done. As Coach Paul was reminding us, “the faster you finish, the faster you’re done.” That’s all I wanted, was to be done.

In total it took 26:08 to churn through this one. And I looked like this!

Klepto Photo Courtesy of Crossfit Durham

Wiped out~! Photo by Crossfit Durham

Beyond the workout:
It was great to work out under Coach Paul’s guidance today. His yoga warm up was incredibly helpful in loosening up the hips and legs for this workout. I have to try to remember some of the stretches he showed us today. They would be useful lunchtime stretches on other workout days when I’m tightening up after the morning workout.

What a crew today! So many folks from the 6:15 crew were there today. That made it very comfortable to work out. Was great to see young kids there with their families getting into it too!

I can honestly say that after this morning’s effort I ate the Thanksgiving feast today with absolutely zero guilt or consideration for calories. One day, that’s all….it was worth it.

Let’s close this by giving thanks. Thanks to Crossfit Durham and the coaches for all they do day in and day out. Thanks to Coach Paul for giving his time today, giving lunatics like me who want to work out on a holiday the opportunity to do so. Thanks to my family for indulging this obsession not just today but every day! Thanks also to all of you who take time to read these thoughts I write. I really appreciate the fact that there are folks out there who seem to have a genuine curiosity in what I have to say and that we can interact this way.