Some days it can be tough to resist the temptation to push yourself harder and faster. So important to check the ego. That being said, it’s pretty nice when you can start the week with a PR.

WOD for Monday 112612
Establish 1RM

Got to lift with Brian today. He and I are very evenly matched in terms of the deadlift, although I suspect he’s going to pass me very quickly! He had a very successful morning setting a PR on his way to a new 1RM! His form looks very good too. If he hadn’t done numerous deadlifts in Sunday’s METCON, I’m guessing he could have achieved an even higher PR.

As for me, I was pleased to get a PR as well and set a new 1RM myself at 375#. That’s a 10# increase for this lift in a month. That’s very cool.

As the weights increased this morning and we were approaching our upper limits, I contemplated jumping from 355# to 385#, but decided to go with 375#. It was the right call. A 20# increase for my 1RM was very attractive, and I was feeling good, but it would have been dangerous. I lifted the 375 successfully, but it was TOUGH! I’m definitely going to need to clean it up before trying to move higher.

Deadlift is a difficult lift for me to moderate. There are so many people who based on percentage of bodyweight are so far ahead of me on this lift. I want to add more weight to try to close the gaps between us, but I know it’s important not to fall victim to ego. I can already hear people scolding me, “we don’t compete against any one else.” That’s true.

We strive to improve ourselves and the goal each time we go out is to be just a bit better than we were the last time. And I’m paying attention to that. I’m also keeping form, consistency and intensity in mind. But if we’re in the box exercising around other people, then we’re not working in a vacuum. I’m just acknowledging that the temptation is there. It’s undeniable.

But since modest gains are much preferred over incapacitating myself over long periods of time. So I’m very pleased with today’s work.

For Time:
10-8-6-4-2 Deadhang Pullups
10-15-20-25-30 Wall Balls (20/14)

I swear that when I read this WOD Sunday night the Wall Balls read Ball Slams and I was very excited. As I was writing it into my WOD book this morning, I was shocked to see I was wrong. Ah well, like we tell the kids, ‘ya get what ya get, and ya don’t get upset.’

I used a blue band for the pull ups and the prescribed 20# ball for Wall Balls. I had no expectation or understanding of how long this might take. My only real goals were 1) all pull ups unbroken and 2) wall balls through the round of 20 unbroken.

Tough to say whether I got the first one. I concentrated very hard at the bottom of every pull up to make sure my arms were extended and I was at a complete dead hang. Not really sure if I can call them unbroken though. I think I hung around longer than strictly necessary midway through the round of 8. I can say with confidence, I never dropped from the bar.

I did meet my goal for wall balls. I got through the round of 25 in sets of 14 and 11. I intended to do 15 and 10, but Coach Erin said I needed to get into a deeper squat on what was the final rep of the first set. So I no-repped that one.

Last set I wanted to go 15 and 15. It ended up being more like 10, 10, 5 and 5. It caught me off guard how much harder the last two rounds were.

Time to finish 8:25

There was some spare time post-METCON and I was about to get a box for some pistols, but Erin told us all to grab light kettle bells for a cool down. And while Erin gathered us up, Rachel actually lead us through 2 sets of 10 reps each one-handed kettlebell high pulls. It might be the first time I’ve done those. Never would have occurred to be, but it felt great!

After the METCON I could already feel the muscles around the base of my neck and deep into the backs of my shoulders getting tighter. This cool down seemed to loosen them on the spot and a few hours later now, they feel great.