Wasn’t a bad day by any stretch, but I didn’t catch any breaks either. That’s ok. Some days the best you can do is just keep chugging and churning. As long as I keep going forward, then I figure it’s an ok day.

WOD for Thursday 112912
Sn Pulls – 100% 1RM                    

1RM is 145# – even I don’t need a calculator or weight conversion chart to figure that one out. So after some warm ups at 95# and 135#, I dove straight in.

These felt pretty good. Focus seemed to be a challenge today. I was easily distracted. Seemed like every little motion and sound pulled my attention away from my own efforts. After a couple of lifts, I realized what was going on and turned my back on the rest of the box for the duration of the morning. Sorry if anyone felt I was being unfriendly. That wasn’t my intent.

Snatch – 80% 1RM                   

I DID use the weight conversion tables today to make sure I had my weights right this morning! See? I can learn!

Knowing that 80% of 145 is 116#, I elected to push a bit higher and work at 125#. I reconsidered this decision when the first two attempts went all askew. The first attempt I didn’t pull the bar high enough to get under it at all.

After conferring with Renee who was on the platform behind me and saw the attempt we agreed that I had failed to open my hips and extend at all, so focus on that on the next shot.

Yeah, well anything worth doing is worth over doing, right? I extended so far that I lost my balance and fell back on to the seat of my pants leaving the bar out in front of me to clang to the floor.

At that point, all I could do was sit and laugh at myself. I also had a brief conversation with the bar bell explaining, “Look, you and I need to come to an understanding here. If we’re going to have any sort of relationship this morning, you’re going to have to change your attitude.”

From there on out, I was able to grind through 9 reps. None of them were exceptional. Most were caught too high and I had to ease into a full squat. Just one of those days.

3 Rounds For Time:
15 Power Clean (135/95)
50 Double Unders

135# for 45 reps sounded overly aggressive, especially when Coach Erin pointed out that the expectation was that this would be a relatively fast workout. The additional guidance for establishing weights for the power cleans was “or around 60% of 1RM,” so back to the conversion tables. 60% of 185# is 111#, so I went with 115#.

The cleans weren’t bad, but they seemed slow today. Just kind of kept grinding them out.

There was no magic to be had in the double unders. Last time we had DU’s I lucked into a stretch of 45 unbroken reps. Not today. Longest unbroken run was 15 reps. Several were around 5. I think the majority of them were 3 reps at a clip. So be it. Slogging through the double unders took a LONG time.

The end result — 10:50 when most folks were finished between 5-7 minutes.

OK — if you were only interested in the WOD, click away now. I’m done talking about exercise. I won’t be offended. Hell, I won’t even know. But I’m feeling a bit philosophical today, so here’s the rest of what’s on my mind.

Today is my last day as a 41-year-old. Having a birthday couched between two major holidays grounded in the concepts of thanks and gift giving is bound to make a person reflective.

As I stand here today, for the first time in a LONG, LONG time, instead of looking back on the year that’s passed dwelling on the things I failed to accomplish, I’m looking ahead to the next year with an enthusiastic attitude of, “what’s next?” It is a remarkable feeling too.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a whole list of things that didn’t happen last year. My guitar sits on the wall untouched for another year. There are plenty of lifts and exercises and goals unattained in the gym. There are projects around the house that remain incomplete, etc. But that’s ok. I have no regrets about the year behind me and I’m really looking forward to the year ahead.

My plan for the next year is not to look back and ask, “what happened?” But continue to look ahead and ask, “How do we make that happen?”