CFD refered to this WOD as “6 course meal” in reference to the 6-count burpees. All I know is there was lots of waffling about weights for the back squats in the 6:15 session this morning. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one.

WOD for Tuesday 120412
Banded Deadlifts – 50% bar weight + 30% band tension                        
12 sets of 2 reps

So my current 1RM for Deadlift is 375#. Half of that is 187.5. My plan for the morning was to work at 185# and to use a blue band for tension. I was invited to work with a few other folks inside the pull up rig, but elected to work alone. No real reason other than when the invitation was issued, I was already set up. Seemed more convenient to continue on where I was.

I did a warm up set of 5 at 135#. Then added 15’s to the bar and began doing 2 rep sets. I was 3 sets deep when I realized I was only lifting 165, not my target weight of 185. (This is why Erin doesn’t let me manage the checkbook.) So I swapped out the necessary plates and started again.

The sets were ok. I have to work harder on my positioning on my first lift. On more than one occassion Jack observed reminding me to get my chest up on the first lift. More than once he also offered that the form on the second lift was better. Curious.

30 Back Squat (1x body weight)
Sprint 200m
30 6-Count Burpees

This was an intense METCON and I actually enjoyed it a lot. Jack was very clear during the set up that we should not intend to run the table and do long sets unbroken. He advised everyone to break it down into multiple managable subsets. I settled on 6 sets of 5 at bodyweight 225#. That worked pretty well.

I paused just long enough between sets to jot down a tick mark in my log book to track the set, take 3 quick additional breaths then get back to work. I was one of the last ones out the door, but I have no problem with that.

The 200M “sprint” was not. It was a clop. Just a fact of life after those squats.

I intended to use the same strategy for the burpees as I did the squats, 6 sets of 5. I really wanted to focus on good form. But I found midway through that I’m actually stronger doing 6-counts compared to ‘regular’ burpees. So I was able to extend the runs. I think they went 6, 9, 9, 6. Something about having to maintain straight lines to hit each of the positions of  a 6-count burpee is easier for me to maintain over time. I get very floppy and sloppy doing regular burpees and they end up being more taxing. Pretty funny.

Total time to complete was 9:10.

The set up prior to this METCON was very amusing. Apparetnly there was LOTS of indecesion about what weight to use. I was resolute from the start that I was going to do bodyweight. The back squat is one of my stronger lifts. My 1RM is 305. So my bodyweight of 225 is just under 75%.  Jack came by and checked on me and we discussed the weight. We agreed it was aggressive, but good to go for it. As Jack put it, “that’s the upper end of what I’d suggest.”

I noticed though that before the WOD started just about everyone set their weights, tried a few reps, switched out some plates, called Jack over to discuss. There was a whole lot of, “are you going for it? Are you actually doing bodyweight” type questions going around. Collectively, we seemed to need some assurance that this one was going to be ok. One way or another we were going to get through it. I found this comforting.

Even after 18 mos, so often I come into a METCON not exactly intimidated, but definitely unsure of what to expect. I go into it wondering, “just how bad is this going to be?” It’s part of the thrill of CrossFit. But folks around me just go about things as business as usual.

Seeing so many people turning to the coach for guidance and indecisive about what weights to use and how to approach the WOD actually gave me confidence. There was just a calm that came from knowing, “oh good. I’m not the only one freaked out this morning.” I’ll take the help anyway I can get it. 😉