It’s said we can learn more from our mistakes and our failures than we can from our successes, right? Today was a productive day then.

WOD for Tuesday 121112
Clean Pulls – 100% 1RM                  

Chose 185# for the clean pulls. My 1RM for a clean by itself is 180#, but I haven’t tested that in a while. Last week I was able to complete a 195# clean and jerk, but it was not pretty. So I elected a bit of middle ground.

Pulls went ok. I felt flat-footed today. The soles of my feet never left the platform at the top of my extension on any of the pulls. Just felt like they were glued to the floor.

It was reassuring that I wasn’t alone. General conversation on the platforms around me was all along the lines of, “Man, it’s heavy today.”

Clean – 80% 1RM                   
Scaled back to 145# for these, which was right in the vicinity of assigned weight. Most of them were ok. Jack reminded me more than once that I needed to watch my elbows and get them higher. I was already chiding myself inside my head when he spoke the words. Gotta watch it.

I missed two attempts today and frankly, they were more interesting than the successful lifts. At least I learned more from them. It’s true what they say. We can learn more from our failures than our successes, if we pay attention.

The first miss came on my second clean attempt. I put a 100%-plus 1RM pull into a bar that had 80% weight. The result? As you would expect, I ended up stumbling backwards in the squat onto the seat of my pants, pushing the bar safely away from me. Soon as I hit the floor, I knew what happened. So Lesson 1 on the day: scale the effort to the weight.

The other miss, I was full extended right near the top of my pull and I simply lost my grip on the bar. Fortunately I had a decent up and down bar path because the bar didn’t arc out away from me. It crashed straight to the floor.

Jack was watching that attempt and he looked at me and smiled and said, “What was that?! It was beautiful right up to the point where you threw the bar away.”

I just smiled and told him, “Oops. Guess it’s time for some chalk.” In thinking it over though, I’m pretty sure that I failed to use a hook grip at all, or it was very loose.  Gotta pay closer attention.

AMRAP in 8 minutes:
8 Ring Dips
16 KB Swings (70/52)

I used a purple band for all ring dips. I used a 70# KB for swings, but had a 62# KB standing by in case things got ugly. My back, while not injured from last Thursday’s attempt at 20 x 315# deadlifts is still “tender.” More accurately, I’m more aware of my back and every little tweak and twinge that wasn’t there before Thursday. I’m definitely paying closer attention.

In my mind, this one was another ‘just keep moving’ METCON. I had two goals. 1) Use the 70# kettlebell all the way through and 2) I wanted to stay in motion the entire 8 minutes. However, these proved to be contradictory not complimentary goals. 70# kettle bell swings proved to be too much for me to accomplish the second goal though. Hey, it happens.

When published it was stated that we were to do American (overhead) swings. With a 70# kettle bell, that’s not safe.  See the earlier paragraph about my back. Plus, a 70# kettle bell nearly pulls me over backward at the top of the swing and as it arcs back down, it’s hauling me forward. I would crush, in the most literal definition of the word, anyone standing too close to me, if I attempted 70# American swings for too long. I wanted the weight though, so I did Russian swings (eye-level).

First three rounds for both exercises went unbroken. After that, I started breaking ring dips into sets of 4 and 4. KB swings went to 12 and 4. The last round though, with a minute or so remaining, I did go unbroken on the swings. I took a small measure of accomplishment from that.

Final score 6 full rounds and a few more ring dips. Don’t have the exact number with me. 2 maybe 3. It was a good day overall.