There’s a lot to think about when lifting properly and today I really wasn’t. It made for an interesting day.

WOD for Wednesday 121912
Jerk – 80% 1RM             
It would seem the first thing I need to do is pay closer attention to the white board in the mornings. I was sure we were doing 5 sets of 2 reps each this morning. That’ what I did. NEVER clued in that we were supposed to be doing 3 reps a set.

Even as I stood there and watched Craig, my lifting partner knock out 3 reps a set. I thought he was just grabbing an extra practice rep. Huh. Attention to detail…ah well.

Chose today to work on the split jerk. It’s a neglected lift for me. Often the direction is that we may work on either the split or push jerk. I almost always elect to do the push jerk. I find it easier. I can move bigger weights doing the push jerk. I have more success with it so I find it more immediately gratifying.

Today I wanted to focus on the split. My understanding is that if a lifter is technically proficient and has equal skill at both lifts, then they should be able to split jerk more than they can push jerk. So that’s something to work towards.

My challenges today were numerous and varied. The one constant being they were all in my feet and legs.

First few rounds, Jack observed that my right foot, which I always use as my front foot, was landing on the ball. Then it was anchoring itself by twisting, then finally my heel would plant. He likened what I was doing to a batter planting his front foot at the start of a swing. In lifting, that’s no good. Jack encouraged me to ensure that the foot landed flat right from the start. So that was one thing to focus on.

Second issue was the back leg. If I dip and drive into a split snatch stance, 95 times out of 100 my back leg is locked out straight. I understand that the knee should be bent. I even understand the logic behind it. I simply fail to execute. Need more practice.

Third challenge, my stance is too narrow. Last set of the morning Jack pointed out that I was “tightroping.” He meant my feet were too close towards my center of mass. A good split jerk landing will have the feet extended left and right as well as forward and back.

I’m going to have to just drill this landing at home some times. Just stand up and do a set of 10 split jerk landings every now and then. Just to get a feel for it.

Oh yeah. All lifts were done with 135#. Weight wasn’t a big factor on form today though.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps For Time:
Handstand Pushups – done on a 30″ box
Chest To Bar Pullups – 19 w/purple band, 36 w/red band

This was a fun and funky METCON. Handstand push ups seem to be coming around quite a bit lately. I’m not complaining. I need the practice. I considered doing the HSPU’s banded, but elected to use the box. Personally, I still think I prefer the bands, but most of the coaches feel athletes get a better result scaling with the box, so ok.

I entertained the idea of doing negatives, but I’d still be at the box now, if I tried to complete 55 negative HSPU’s. Or I’d be in an emergency room somewhere with a cracked neck. Just don’t have the strength yet for that many reps.

I planned on doing the rounds of 10-6 in sets of half or nearly half for odd rep rounds. Then going unbroken from the round of 5 to finish. I was able to do this for the push ups. Pull ups didn’t go quite that way. Round of 10 split 5 and 5. Round of nine ended up 3 sets of 3. Rounds 8,7,6 all ended up divided into three subsets. Ah well. I used a purple band for the pull up on the rounds of 10 and 9 and realized I was burning up too fast. Used a red band for all other rounds.

The other thing I’ll say about HSPU’s done inverted on a platform. There is no graceful or stylish way to dismount the box. There’s no hopping down to the floor in some gymnastic burpee like movement. It just doesn’t happen. My most dramatic dismount of the day happened somewhere around the round of 5.

I was finished and failed to walk my hands out a step or two away from the box before lowering a leg. So when my left foot hit the floor I was in this very awkward three point stance propped up on one foot with my two hands more or less behind me. I wasn’t thinking and lifted my right foot off the box and swung it out to the left. As I lost my balance, I went into some klutzy sort of combat/primate roll onto my left shouder, onto my back and through on up to my feet.

As I rose and headed to the pull up rig, I realized Jack had seen my predicament. I said something along the lines of “well that certainly lacked style.” All in fun though.

Time to finish: 12:55.

Side Notes: I’ll be running the table this week 4 WODs in a row. I’m trying to stay smart and stay cognizant of that as I approach each day’s activities.

Jerk — So I didn’t even graph this one. I don’t have enough data points to make it worth the effort.

Split Jerk – my only record is 140# from August of 2011. I’m sure I could do much more than that, but I don’t know how much.

My push jerk entries are fewer than I realized. In June I maxed out at 195. At the end of August I did 200#. Thought I had more than that recorded, but I can’t find them.

I think my goal for both of these lifts for 2013 is bodyweight (currently 225). Going into 2013, my plan is to practice the split jerk any time “jerk” comes up and we’re given the option to chose our lift. I want to close the gap between these two lifts first, then work on advancing the push jerk.