Got a great reminder today on the importance of warming up and transitioning between stages of the workout. It’s a phase I sometimes neglect. Need to remember to be more mindful.

WOD for Thursday 122012
Deadlift – 85% 1RM
Deadlifts were fun today. I wasn’t expecting that. As I warmed up at 135 and 225 things felt very tight and heavy. I wasn’t sure I’d get to the target 85% today.

I did a second set of 5 at 225, then jumped to 295#. Seems the extra warm up set was productive because 295 felt ok and gave me the confidence to go to 315# which was the goal on the day.

Focused very hard on getting my shoulders back and my chest up every lift. Also made sure to lower the bar each rep not drop it.

Somewhere around the middle of the session, Rachel came by and advised me to watch my form on the descent. she commented that my back was flat, shoulders were back and chest was up all as they should be on the way up. But I was letting my shoulders roll inward and allowing my chest to cave on the way down. Dangerous stuff and the expressway to a back injury at heavy weights. So definitely something to fix. Thank you for the guidance, Rachel.

Every minute on the minute, for 8 minutes:
1 Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats (as heavy as possible),

I enjoy these EMOM METCON’s tremendously. I struggled today to get the weight right. After deadlifts, I warmed up a few rounds of this combination at 45#, then jumped to 95#. The snatches were fine, but the OHS were awkward. I was wobbling all over left to right, front to back. They were a mess.

Coming into the gym I had every intention of working around 125 or 135. Those would have been very heavy combinations, but should have been attainable. After the debacle at 95, I seriously reconsidered.

I attempted a second warm up set and things felt better but still sloppy. Rachel saw both sets and I commented that “I think 95# is going to be plenty today.” She gave me a quick nod of agreement.

As others were getting set, I started to get frustrated with myself. I did one more combination set and decided I would be able to maintain 105, so I grabbed a couple 5# plates and added them on.

Once the clock started and we got under way things improved almost immediately. The first round at 105# felt too easy and I was done with the three lifts inside of 15 seconds. I hustled to the weight rack for 2 more 5# plates. Rachel helped me get set before the minute expired and I was able to complete the next 7 rounds at 115#.

I guess I just needed a bit more time to get my mind and body ready to transition from deads to snatch/squats. Good to remember. Next time do a bit more warm up.

Banded KB Swings
100 reps

Did these with 35# KB and a red band. They were tough. I knocked them out in 5 sets of 20. Tried very hard to do each set as quickly as possible. These BURNED. I can tell right now, I’m going to be very sore from those tomorrow.

OK — so this one is fun.The September lifts are all from 2011. I have a hard time believing I went all the way from Sept 2011 to May 2012 without testing a 1RM Deadlift, but it’s what’s in my file. So it’s what we have to work with.

Deadlift progress chart

Always on the climb.

I’m very pleased with the progress on this lift. I’m thinking my goal for 2013 is to hit 450 which would be right around 2x bodyweight. Think it’s attainable?