Turns out I’m not real good at math on Fridays either. That lead to sort of embarrassing results.

WOD for Friday 122112
Push Press- 90% 1RM

Worked the 5 requisite reps at 195, which was the prescribed 90% of 1RM (215#).

After working through those there was time to spare and I was feeling surprisingly good. This was my fourth straight day of working out. I expected to be completely destroyed at this point in the week.

I threw 20 more pounds on the bar which clearly equal 215# and matches my old PR. Somehow I had it in my head that it was 225#.

I set up, made the lift, let it drop and proceeded to march across the box and ring the PR bell. For those not familiar with custom at Crossfit Durham, there’s a bell that everyone is encouraged to ring when you hit a new personal record on a lift, to give everyone the chance to celebrate with you. That name by the way, PR Bell, is a total misnomer. It’s a PR gong. It has this very deep hollow ringing tone to it. I always feel like I should sit in child’s pose and chant “namaste” after ringing it. But it’s late and I’m getting easily distracted.

As I was headed to the PR bell/gong, Griff wandered by, checked the bar and called out to me, “how much was that?”

I hollered back, “225#.” I reached the gong and rung it before I could hear his response. I saw him walk away shaking his head. When I returned to the bar, Craig was beginning to disassemble it and said something to the effect of “215, nice work.”

I said, “No! It’s 225#. Isn’t it?” We re-ran the numbers and I realized my error. Oops!

There wasn’t time for another lift so we broke the bar down and went on to the METCON.

20/15/10/5 Reps For Time:
Wall Ball (20/14)
Run 200m

This METCON was a lot of fun. I used a 20# ball for the Wall Balls, but scaled the pull ups with a red band.

It went pretty smoothly. All wall balls were done unbroken. I tried to do all pull ups in sets of 5 reps a piece. That didn’t hold up.

I was very impressed with, and a bit chagrined by, my buddy Craig. He did all of the pull ups unassisted and managed to get out the door ahead of me for the runs on both the rounds of 20 and 15! Impressive, my friend! Very impressive.

Finished the METCON in 11:30

The runs were challenging today. It was crisp outside, roughly 40 degrees and the wind was blowing straight up Geer St. This meant that after the turn around, where we would all normally settle into the downhill return we were running smack into a very bracing headwind. It just seemed a bit rude of Mother Nature in my estimation.

There was about 5 minutes or so remaining after the METCON and I decided to take one more crack at the 225# push press. I set up a bar and mulled it over a bit. Tried to calm myself down and reset my head to focus on the lift.

I took one shot at it and got the bar overhead, but couldn’t drive it up and lock it out. I’m not sure after all of the previous work that even if I’d rested a bit longer I would have nailed it. However, I am confident the next time we test for 1RM on this lift, I will get 225, possibly more.

Push Press — So let’s look at the progress on this lift over the past year. Can you guess that this is another lift I enjoy? I really do.

push press progress graph

If I’d done the math right today, that should say 225!

However, it’s one that I’ve got to get educated on. I don’t have a sense of scale for this lift to understand what may be a reasonable goal vs an aggressive one vs an unrealistic target Obviously, this is not like the dead lift. I don’t imagine I’ll ever push press twice my own body weight. I’m thinking 275# is achievable. I’m wondering about 290#. That would be nearly 1.3x body weight. Is that unrealistic for this lift? I really don’t know.

Editorial Note: Posts will be sporadic next week. Going to do my best to maintain a 4 workout per week schedule, but with holidays etc, don’t know that I’ll find time to write daily. We’ll see how things go. Take care all. Happy holidays!