A year ago, I tackled 200 air : squats for time. It took me 7:34.

I decided to tackle it again today.

I warmed up with some stretching indoors, then did roughly 200M of 35# sled pulls with my daughter in her grandmother’s toboggan.

After that I settled into work. I set my iPod with Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” on repeat play. It seemed appropriate. The goal was to come in under 7 minutes.

Turns out that song as a very solid pace for air squats, but I can’t sustain it for 200.

I pulled of 60 air squats in the first round. After that rounds were about 20 a piece with short pauses (roughly 3-5 breaths).

The last 20 were a real drive because time was evaporating quickly. After standing up rep 200 I hit my stop watch. 6:59!

One note about environment, I did these outdoors and it’s 35 degrees here. That counts for something.