Oh man was today’s workout rugged! One of those ones where it just felt like I was sliding into a hole as the workout progressed.

WOD for Friday 011113
Deadlift – 90%        

This portion of the WOD went quite well and I was very pleased. Had the chance to share a bar and work with Chad and Brian this morning. We warmed up with sets of 5 at 135# and 225#. I believe we jumped to 275, possibly 295# after that for a set of 3. There might have been a single at 315#, then onto 335# for the 5 prescribed lifts. 90% of my 1RM of 375 is 337.5. So this was right were I was supposed to be.

Lifts felt smooth. No twinges in my glutes or back, although the glutes are still tight.

Form felt really good both up and down. No dropping the bar today.

Definitely satisfied with the portion of the workout.

2 Rounds for Time (20 minute cap):
20 Power Cleans (135/95)
20 Toes to Bar
20 Front Squat
20 Toes to Bar
20 Deadlift
20 Toes to Bar

This is a WOD that I would have been better off not seeing in advance. When I saw it posted Thursday night and saw the 20 minute cap a thought along the lines of “Jeez, even Dave doesn’t think most people are going to finish this one,” ran through my head. This does not develop feelings of confidence going into the box the next morning. I said it on Facebook earlier today, but if you look at a WOD and your strategy becomes, “Well, I’ll catch my breath and recover during the 20 deadlifts,” you know you’re in deep shit and in for a hell of a workout.

It wasn’t the lifts that intimidated me. I was able to do all of those with decent form at the prescribed weight. It was all the Toes to Bar (T2B) that sapped my energy and got in my head. In CrossFit, we tend to refer to our weakest exercises as goats. Well, T2B are a big ol’ honking trophy size Mountain Goat for me. They drain me like few other exercises. For the unfamiliar, they are exactly what they sound like. You hang free from a pull up bar and contract and curl your body upward to make your toes touch the bar between your hands.

I’ll be the first to admit that I still have excess core matter that makes these tougher than they ought to be. It’s just a bear hanging onto the bar. It wears out the grip. Second, contracting my body around a midsection that’s bigger than it ought to be makes for awkward movements that tap the body’s energy in a hurry. I ended up scaling these on the fly as the WOD progressed.

I did 5 strict toes to bar the first set of 20. After that it was Knees to Elbows (KTE) to complete that set. The next time I approached the rig I did 20 KTE, more or less in sets of 5 reps. The next time they came around I did 5 KTE then dropped to the floor and did toe raises lying on my back holding vertical post of the rig and raising my toes up to touch that post over my head. I had too. I simply couldn’t stay on the bar. The last time T2B came around, I went straight to the floor for more toe raises. It was a sliding scale.

It’s safe to say that the deterioration of those exercises got very frustrating and impacted my attitude towards the rest of the workout.

Power cleans didn’t help either. On my second time through the power cleans I pinched my….SELF with the bar. That’s right. As I extended upward and tried to pop the bar off my hips, I pinched myself in the absolute last place any male wants to be hit with a heavy iron bar. You can draw a few conclusions from this:

a) I missed that rep and had to repeat it after catching my breath.
b) This incident did NOTHING to improve my attitude towards this METCON
c) I was shall we say…tentative with the remaining 12 or so power cleans for the remainder of this round. This did not help my form which cost significant time and energy.

When the 20 minutes expired I had completed 1 full round, the 20 power cleans and 12 more toe raises and I was miserable! All in all, I’m kinda glad this week is behind me. That being said, now that I’ve experienced this WOD, and have a grasp of how bad it hurts (well excepting the power clean pinch) I really wouldn’t mind a second chance at this WOD in a couple of months.