Had a great time Sunday running amok at a local park with family and friends. It was a great reminder why I want to exercise in the first place.

WOD for Monday 011413
Push Press       
Establish 1RM    

So I worked out Sunday and Monday, but let’s discuss them in reverse chronological order.

Monday’s WOD
Push Press — Just before Christmas I wrote about how I mistakenly thought I PR’d this lift at 225#, but actually matched my current PR of 215#. I was bound and determined today to make good on that new PR of 225#.

I moved quickly through warm up sets of 95, 135, and 155#. I did a single rep at 185# and was feeling confident. I jumped to 205# and FAILED! What the hell? So I thought to myself, “OK. So you fouled that one off. Now get back in the box and get a hit.” The next lift was successful, so I was feeling confident again.

I loaded up 225# and after resting a bit stepped up for the lift. I got the bar clear of my head, but couldn’t push it up and lock it out. Fail! I asked Max on the next rack over if he observed and specifically, if I arched my back too much. His answer, “I don’t know. It looked good going up. When it stopped going up and started coming down, that’s where your trouble started.” I laughed. It was a good reminder to not overthink things.

There was time for one more lift, so I reracked it. Regained my composure and took another shot at it. The second lift was worse. Never cleared my nose. Don’t know why, just couldn’t make it go today.

Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes:
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk (225/155)

OK — Do the math on this 3 lifts every half minute x 2 sets per minute by 10 minutes = 60 lifts! At 225#?! No. Friggin’. Way. I don’t know who in the gym is going to do this WOD as prescribed, but God bless them. More accurately…heaven help them! That’s massive amounts of weight.

The additional direction was to scale to about 80% of your Jerk 1RM. 80% of 195 is 156#. I mulled that over awhile but elected to work at 135#. I was able to complete each round of the complex in under 12 seconds leaving pretty good time to catch my breath and reset. In hindsight, 145 might have been a more aggressive choice. It’s tough to be aggressive though when you’re standing there looking at 60 individual lifts over the course of 10 minutes.

Sunday — Yesterday the family and I went over to Little River Park and met up with my former co-pilot Jess and her family. We all agreed that a family WOD was in order.

We looked around the park and agreed upon a work out of:

AMRAP 8 minutes
10 Air Squats
10 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps (Picnic Table Bench Jumps)
Run to the far Cedar Tree and Back (roughly 150M round trip)

This was an absolute blast! To be running wild, jumping on and off of picnic table benches, chasing my 9yo across a field was sheer exercise bliss! My wife enjoyed it. The boy had a blast because he completed the most rounds. Lil Bit and Jess and James’ daughter ran together! Jess had a good workout and James, not a cross-fitter, was the first to ask and stress, “When are getting together to do this again?!”

THIS is what I love about CrossFit. To be able to go out, look at the terrain around us and craft a simple workout and PLAY with family and friends in a healthy way was just awesome! I’ve kind of lost sight of that lately.

A third family, not part of our group, had set some water bottles and soccer balls etc on an unused picnic table near us and went out on the hiking trails. When the returned and found us bounding off tables and chasing each other across the park, it was obvious they were taken a back. Honestly, it added to the enjoyment. I cackled out loud as I took off trying to run down the Whirlwind!

When it was al said and done I finished 4 rounds 30 reps.

I really enjoyed the day for a few reasons: 1) To have a chance to share it with family and friends was great. 2) It was a great balance from what lately seem to be a lot of technical WODs at the box. This was a pure playground workout. My favorite type. 3) It was a great reminder to just have fun with it all! It’s the first time in a while that I can remember smiling and laughing my way through an entire workout.

Lately I seem to have gotten overly serious about all of this, at least inside my own head. Setting goals for specific lifts in the new year, observing the Carolina Fitness Challenge and speculating about just how much I would have to do to compete next year. Calculating just what I would have to do to modify my diet and eating habits to drop some more weight to really optimize my body, if I’m serious about the idea of competing. It’s all just sort of gotten very intense in my head.

Yesterday was just great to get out and work hard for 8 minutes, then spend an hour bopping around the playground equipment with the kids and our friends. Whle goal setting is important and all of the thoughts around competing are worth pondering…I’ve got to keep in mind that this is meant to be fun. I need to relax just a bit and carry that mindset with me every time I’m in the box.

While I’ve always said I won’t tell other people’s stories in this blog, I am going to take a moment to brag about my mother. Yes, Mom is doing Crossfit! She completed her first week of Crossfit Durham bootcamp and is really enjoying it. She’s already cracking jokes about working her way up to her Level 1 Certification. She has definitely drunk the kool-aid. I’m so very proud of and excited for her. I know it was intimidating when I first walked into the box and looked around. I can only imagine what she must have been thinking. I hope she sticks with it for quite some time.