Some days things start to click. When that happens, it’s just a whole lot of fun.

WOD for Friday 011813
Jerk – 90%               
So a few weeks ago, I said  that for the near future I would focus on split jerks to close the gap between my split and push jerk 1RM. The ultimate goal is push both of these lifts beyond my bodyweight. Based on my notes, at the start of the day my 1RM for a split jerk is 140#.

I also noted last time that that positioning of my feet was really bad throughout the work out. Today, things literally seemed to just fall into place much better. My stance was consistently wider than it has been. My front foot was landing flat. I suspect if I taped the lifts and reviewed it I’d find my back leg is still locked out straighter than the coaches would like. But overall the lift felt comfortable and more familiar today. I’ve never been able to say that about a split jerk before. What did that translate into in terms of weight?

Ultimately, I did 5 passable singles at 165#! That’s 25# beyond my last recorded 1RM. Seems fair to call that significant progress.

For time:
75 KB Snatches (52/35)
50 Toes to Bar
*Can be broken into any combination of reps or sets

I was alternately intimidated and excited by this WOD. Just a week ago I discussed how Toes to Bar (T2B) are a big, hairy, ugly Goat of mine. So looking at this workout, I was daunted to see that many reps. At the same time, I was looking forward to the challenge. Can’t get better at something, if I don’t practice, right?

It was a very small crew today. So Coach Erin was able to work with all of us extensively on individual things. In between lifts on the jerk, she demonstrated how to kip T2B. There was plenty of time to practice and while I still don’t have a real good kip. It’s not too far off. I think I can pull it together with more practice. The additional guidance and encouragement was greatly appreciated.

I mulled over what weight to use for the KB Snatches. I experimented with 52#, but didn’t like the way they felt. My left shoulder felt very tired right from the start. So I grabbed a 44 and tested those. I was much more confident about doing 75 total reps at that weight. Erin observed those snatches and suggested I reconsider the 52 saying that the snatches at 44 looked really easy. I responded with, “Sure. The first 5 on the right side always look easy.” I tried the 52 again with both hands. It still felt really uncomfortable on the left, both in the wrist and the shoulder. I decided that I really wanted to conserve some energy and focus my efforts on the T2B so I chose to work with the 44# kettle bell.

My strategy going into this was to do 5 snatches each arm then 5 T2B. In another shining example of my feeble math skills, I had myself convinced that when I finished the T2B, I’d have 15 Snatches left to do. That sounded very appealing. Get the T2B out of the way and finish strong with the snatches. Yeah, wrong again. In reality, doing a total 10 snatches (5 each arm) for seven rounds meant that when I hit 70 snatches, I’d only completed 35 T2B. The 5 remaining snatches were done with the 8th round of T2B, leaving me standing there at the end of 8 rounds with 10 T2B to go. Definitely not where I wanted to be.

By that time, my grip was a wreck. I felt like I had the core strength to lift my toes to the bar, but I didn’t trust my hands. I was sincereley afraid that I would lose my grip and come crashing to the floor on the back of my neck. That image got stuck inside my head. I muddled through 10 more reps, but they really probably ought to be categorized as T2B attempts rather than reps. They were all I had left. Time to finish 14:27. Last of the morning crew to complete it. But you know what? I’m not concerned with that.

What I’m focusing on is that over the course of the first 6 rounds. I completed 30 good strict Toes to Bar. That is far more than I’ve ever been able to execute in a single workout. Still have LOTS of work to do before I can claim that this goat is tamed, but I feel like today was a real good step forward.

All in all a very satisfying end to the WOD week.