Lots of discussion around CFD about goals. It’s been on my mind, so it’s great to hear and I look forward to the conversations.

WOD for Tuesday 012213
Bench Press – 50% bar weight + 20% band tension                 
9 sets of 3 reps (three grip widths)

Shared a bench with Nat today and we motored pretty quickly through our sets at 95# with the red bands affixed for extra tension. 95# is just off 40% of my 1RM. It was right weight to maintain the speed of the lifts as directed. One second up, one second down.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve done this lift banded and it looked like most of us were suffering from ‘early morning syndrome.’ I say this because the hardest part of the morning seemed to be getting paired off so that no one was left alone, locating the corrrect bands, and then setting up the necessary safety bars, etc. It was kind of comical.

Credit Jonathan with the quip of the morning. As Craig worked on one side of the rig, and I was on the other trying to install the safety bars, Jonathan piped up with, “Wait. Wait. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. How many Crossfitters does it take to set up for a bench press.?” The answer this morning was “all of them.”

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
10 Push Press (115/75)
10 KB Swings (52/35)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)

I was able to do this one Rx, but like so many other METCONs it was deceptive.

As Coach Erin was leading the crew through group warm ups at the start of the morning there was a conversation about what was a good goal for this METCON. Erin voiced the opinion that 8-12 would be something to shoot for. I had kind of come to the conclusion on the drive in that 8 should be attainable, so that was my target. Things did not go as planned.

The Push Press were the big surprise of the morning. I expected to hammer through them without too much trouble. I was wrong. The first round went unbroken. All subsequent rounds were done as sets of 5 and 5. I never saw that coming.

Kettle Bell Swings were the only thing that did go as expected. I was able to complete all rounds of swings (American, overhead) unbroken.

Box Jumps — I got fooled here too. After deadlifting for 1RM yesterday, plus a whole bunch of active extra-cirricular activities, my legs were far more tired than I realized. I didn’t miss any box jumps, and never walked away from my box, but the rounds were not unbroken. There were lots of extra pauses to catch my breath and sort of steel myself for the next jump as I churned through these.

In the end, I completed 4 rounds + 26 reps Rx. I’ll take it.

Goals are an ongoing topic of conversation around the box and I’m glad to hear it. There’s going to be a clinic at the box this weekend for folks with a year or more Crossfit experience to help with goal setting. I can’t make this one, but I’m really looking forward to another session like this! I’m very excited about the opportunity to talk this over with folks.

If you read this blog often, you know I’ve been looking at individual lifts (we’ll talk bench later) and trying to map out goals for the coming year. I look forward to discusing those with the coaches to see if the targets I’m setting are pipe dreams, realistic, or under achieving. It would also be great to talk over and develop a strategy on how to work on some of the MANY goats that continue to vex me.

My approach has been undisciplined. I usually attack whatever exercise or lift has pissed me off most recently. I talk to the coaches about how to improve my technique then try to practice it whenever there’s some spare time at the end of a WOD. The challenge is before I feel like I’ve really improved at a particular exercise another one comes along that pisses me off. That new one becomes top of mind and that’s what I focus on until the next one comes along.

Feel like I need to put some structure to this. Perhaps to say, “OK, Toes to Bar are the ONE exercise I’m going to work for the next 30-45 days. After that I’ll move on to….whatever.” Right now I’m all over the map. Today’s a perfect example. There was close to 10 minutes left in our session after the WOD. So I chalked up and did 3 sets of Toes to Bar ( 7, 5, and 3 reps respectively), then when my grip started to fail I found a 20″ box and did one set 5 reps each of pistols. Those were awful though. Given yesterday’s work and the box jumps today, I should have seen that coming. Looking back, I wish I’d simply stayed at the pull up rig.

Bench Press Goal — my current 1RM for the Bench is 235#. That mark is two months old. I haven’t tested 1RM for this lift since Thanksgiving. 235 is just a bit over 1x bodyweight. Given how infrequently this lift comes around in the rotation, I don’t have big expectations or specific strategies to improve this lift. I intend to just take it as it comes.

Bench press falls into the category of as long as I continue to push at everything else we do, this lift by association should improve as I get stronger. With that in mind, I’m setting a 15% increase goal. If I’m capable of bench pressing 270# by year’s end, I would consider that a success. What do folks think? Underacheiving? Over the top? Sound about right? Would love some feedback.