Snatches, Pistols and Toes to Bar? Yeah. That’s a herd of goats right there.

WOD for Monday 012813
Ring Stablity Drills

I was very excited for ring work. Ring work is always fun. It’s fantastic exercise and to me it falls into the playground-style category of work. We spent about 20 minutes with our feet elevated on boxes with the rings set at an equal height from the floor challenging ourselves to maintain different poses or holds for 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds. Holds varied between maintaining push up positions, either arms locked out extended in a high plank position or bent (low plank), to extending one arm to the side or to the front.

Now tell me that doesn’t sound exactly like the kind of challenge kids would issue to each other on the playground. “C’mon! We’ll get in the rings and stretch our right arm out in front of us and see who can hold it longest!” I wasn’t as strong as I wanted to be today. I could hold all assigned positions for 5 seconds. I could hold either of the planks where both arms were in close to my body for 10 seconds. But 10 seconds in any pose where one arm retracted and one extended was more than I could manage. Still, it was still a lot of fun.

3 Rounds For Time:
4 Power Snatches (135/95)
12 Pistols (6/side)
20 Toes to Bar

Snatches don’t intimidate me as they used to. But 36 pistols and 60 Toes to Bar. It’s safe to say I cringed when I saw this WOD posted Sunday night. But hey, the only way to get better is to practice, right? And I’ve been practicing at both of these so I figured, “why not? Just get up in the morning and go to work.”

I did the Power Satches at 115#. The first round, I thought maybe I’d gone too light. Ha! When I came back around the second time, those thoughts were gone.

Pistols went all right. I worked to a 17″ box and sat more of those reps down heavier than I would have liked. Still, I feel more balanced than I ever have before. I’m not sure I’m getting stronger in a way that can be clearly quantified, but the motion is becoming more familiar. It’s not totally foreign feeling and I don’t have the same feeling that I’m going to lose my balance and tip over anymore.

Toes to Bar — if you read this blog frequently, you know I’ve been on a kick about Toes to Bar. I’ve been frustrated by them and practicing them whenever we have some spare time. I think the practice is paying off.

The first round was 20 really good T2B done in sets of 10, 5, and 5. The second and third rounds were Knees to Elbows. I don’t recall the breakdowns on those.

Two solid take aways from the T2B – 1) My grip is getting stronger. No matter which exercise I was doing I was able to sustain slightly longer sets. There was no one rep and drop today. 2) This motion is also becoming more comfortable and familiar. Just getting accustomed to the flow of the movement seems to help the reps a lot. I still need hours upon hours of practice to get better, but it felt like progress, so I can’t be disappointed. A couple of folks noted after the WOD that my T2B looked better and the practice was paying off. That was rewarding to hear. Just have to keep in mind that I want to make each day, each session  a bit better than the day before. I think it’s fair to say today was one of those days, so that makes it a good day.

Time to finish 11:11. Not too shabby.