Chasing an Rx yesterday and the cummulative effects of this week’s workouts left me MUCH more wore out than I anticipated today. It showed in the WOD.

WOD for Friday 020113 –
Ring Inversions, Skin the Cats
20-40 Strict Progressions from one movement to the other

I didn’t really have aspirations of getting 40 strict progressions, but I didn’t expect to have quite the chalenge that I did just getting 20! My body was TIRED!

I found the biggest challenge of this portion of the WOD was getting inverted. Once I was upside down moving through the progression from inverted to skin the cat was ok and I could do a few reps. But getting upside down smoothly and with minimal swing was very difficult. I often found myself swinging in the rings like a pendulum.

I did progressions in sets ranging from 2-5 reps over the course of the morning. I attempted a lever once. That ended very quickly. I got approximately 5 degrees past beyond vertical and gravity took over taking my feet straight to the floor. Even though I was tired, the ring work was still fun. Ring work always feels like recess and play time to me. I enjoy it tremendously.

3 Rounds For Time:
10 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
Run 400m

When I saw this posted Thursday night I was figuring on a 12-13 minute Rx workout. I figured, “I’ve done Grace before Rx. It took just under 5 minutes. Run the 400’s at 2 minutes each, plus transition time. 13 would be aggressive. 12 would be personally amazing. But what the hell?” Then I tried this morning and no. So, very no.

I did a few warm up cleans with a bare bar and then added 35# plates to go to 115#. I figured a few more warm up reps would be wise. After 2 reps I thought, “Oh. 115# might be enough for today.” Everything just felt sluggish.

Still I thought, “well set it up by adding 10s to the 35s, so you can bail if you need to”. So I added 10# plates and tried one rep at 135#. That’s when it hit me what a tough week it’s been and just how hard we’ve worked this week. “115# it is.” I adjusted the bar accordingly.

I’ll spare everyone the gory details of round by round. In the end, I barely finished under 16 minutes, 15:57 to be precise. It was an ugly performance.

It did provide a valuable lesson in scheduling though. When the Open starts, I expect I’m going to forgo Friday workouts to allow myself a day of recovery before Saturday workouts. I’ll also have to be cautious about how I approach Thursday sessions to ensure I don’t smoke myself. To quote the comedian Ron White, “That’s useful information to have, right there.”