Some days you make choices that just dont’ make  sense. Sometimes they even work out for the best.

WOD for Monday 021813 –  Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Back Squat

“perform 5 sets of single rep Back Squats at the following percentages – 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, and 90%.”

Worked all reps as prescribed – 210-270. Felt pretty good. The last one was really heavy and I got a bit stuck. Not sure what I did, but the bar pulled forward on me as I was rising. It was a very weird feeling.

7 Rounds For Time:
7 Push Jerk (155/105)
7 Chest to Bar Pullups
7 Burpees

A few of us talked about it after the WOD. I’ll go on record and share up front what we discussed – 5 rounds of this METCON would have been plenty this morning and a hell of a work out. 7 just felt like overkill. 😉 Whoo!

Push Jerks – -scaled this to 135#. First round was unbroken. Second might have been as well. I’m unsure. Well, I’m pretty sure I didn’t put the bar down once I picked it up. Third round I got 5 reps . My balance got shaky and I dropped the bar. I announced to no one and every one that “I really didn’t want to have to clean that again,” but I did and got two more reps. I think all rounds after 3 were done in sets of 4 and 3.

Chest to Bar Pull Ups — I’ve got some weird aches for a guy who rested all weekend including my lats. My plan for CTB was to do jumping pull ups for as long as possible, then go to a red band. It only occurred to me as I was completing the first round that I was moving directly to burpees next. I thought, “Sh1T! That’s a lot of jumping!” So all other rounds of CTB were done banded in broken sets too numerous and varied to list.

Burpees — these were the highlight of the WOD. How messed up is that? Per the CFD website, the standard for the burpees was they were to be “Games Standard Burpees.” That means we were to pick an object, like a pull up bar or ring, that was 6″ over our outstretched arms. You had to jump high enough to touch that ring or bar every rep for it to count. I did burpees facing a dirty south bar. I didn’t measure. It might not be 6″, but I made damn sure I touched it every rep.

In hindsight, 135# was too much for the jerks. It didn’t sound that bad in my head. But it took a ton of energy. I had some sort of mental thing going today. I would take a break and I had a terrible time getting myself back in motion, particularly during pull ups. I let a lot of time slip by that way. I was arguing with myself about everything. Finally just had to say to myself, “Think less! Move more!” By the time I had completed the 6th round, I’m reasonably sure everyone else was done.

As I was transferring my 6th poker chip from the pile of “rounds left” to the “rounds completed” I considered walking away and declaring a DNF. Everyone in our session was done. The next session was getting loose and preparing to take over the room. I just figured, “Walk away. It was too much. You just scaled poorly today. It’s just a METCON.” I turned to face the room intending to announce that I was done. I turned 180 degrees. The gym went and rotated at least another 360 degrees independent of and around me. I droped to my knees. Then I got angry and decided  to finish.

I just got pissed and decided, “No. It doesn’t end like this!” It’s odd. I was willing to walk away and not complete it on my own terms. I was not willing to accept the idea that my body was going to quit on me. It’s not rational. It’s Crossfit.

I got off the floor and muddled through the final round. Time to finish 18:46. Pencil this one in as a “mental win.”