In terms of raw numbers, not the strongest day ever. Still, keeping it in perspective, I’m pretty satisfied.

WOD for Thursday 022813 –
Ring Dips
5 reps on the minute for 8 minutes

I completed sets of 4,3,3,3,2,2,2, 1 plus a 10 second hold at the bottom of a 2nd dip.

All Ring Dips were done unassisted. I’m sure not every rep was competition standard depth. Still banging out nearly 20 unassisted ring dips over the course of 8 minutes is an accomplishment. The last time I did ring dips for a METCON, back in December, I used a purple band. So it feels like significant progress.

I think I’ll be in trouble if ring dips show up in an Open WOD in the next few weeks. I can bang out a couple at a time, but they’re suspect. Definitely one of those exercises that I have to be having a good day to work through. We’ll see.

Back Squat
5 reps @ 50% 1RM
10 reps @50%
15 reps @50%
20 reps @50%

These were done as assigned at 150#. I took all of the recommended 3-4 minutes of rest between sets today. Last time we used a structure like this I rushed things.

Worked very hard to focus on keeping my chest up and shoulders pinned back while keeping my weight in my heels. By and large the sets went well. The last one left me a bit lightheaded, so I know I was putting in the effort.

I shared the rack with an athlete fairly new to the 6:15 crew, McKinley. This guy just finished foundations in January. Without really having an established 1RM he jumped right in and squatted 50% of my 1RM and he did the reps FAST! This guy is strong!

CF Open WOD 12.5
AMRAP in 7 minutes:
3 Thruster (100/65)
3 Chest to bar Pullups
6 Thruster
6 Chest to bar Pullups
9 Thruster
9 Chest to bar Pullups
12 Thruster
12 Chest to bar Pullups
15 Thruster
15 Chest to bar Pullups
18 Thruster
18 Chest to bar Pullups
21 Thruster
21 Chest to bar Pullups

I’ll admit it. This WOD had me intimidated. CTB pull ups are not one of my strengths. Like ring dips or double unders some days they’re there. Some days they’re not.

But this METCON is another past Open WOD and the point of the week is to prove to ourselves that they’re manageable for most athletes. I set two goals. First to complete it Rx and let the chips fall where they may in terms of score. My secondary goal was to complete the round of 9.

Ultimately, I got 45 reps. I did get through that round of 9 and tacked on 9 more thrusters. Not an awful score. Certainly not elite territory. I suspect Froning will sleep better at night knowing he won’t have me to contend with this summer. 😉

I no-repped myself on a few pull ups where I barely got my chin over the bar. Even so, I’m sure there were a few that I counted that an impartial judge likely would not. So be it.

I met my goals, but initially I was disappointed about not performing better. After some time to reflect I can’t be disappointed.

A year ago, I was too intimidated to even register for the Open.   I was also nowhere near doing ANY unassisted Chest to Bar Pullups. Hell, 6 weeks ago  I was using a red band for CTB pull ups. So when I look at it that way. Today was a very good day.

One other perspective, I’m stunned at the difference 5 simple pounds of body weight makes in my world. Thanks to CFD’s Paleo Nutrition/Diet Competition, I’ve dropped a solid 5 pounds in 10 days bringing my body weight back down to a consistent 220#. I’m hopeful that by the end of the challenge in mid-March, I’ll be at or under 215. But that’s an aside.

For whatever reason, dropping that 5 pounds makes me feel SO much better. Consider that across all of today’s activity (19 dips, 50 squats, 45 METCON Reps), it was 570# that I DIDN’T have to move! When you look at it that way, it’s not hard to understand why the body weight exercises were easier than recent months.

Plu,s there’s a confidence factor that I can’t ignore anymore. Letting my weight inch up was niggling at the back of my brain. It was undermining my confidence some. The gains in the gym definitely make taking part in the challenge worth it and make the decision to make the smart choices and continue the lifestyle after the challenge ends a whole lot easier. Here’s hoping I have the discipline to stay with it.