Some days it’s best to keep things simple.
WOD for Friday 030113

Snatch Pulls                    
5 sets of 2 reps @100% 1RM               
My 1RM for the snatch is 135#. Has been for quite some time. Pulls today felt coordinated. That’s not a word that I use often or lightly in reference to a snatch or snatch pull, so it was a good day.

3 single reps @60% – 80#
3 single reps @70% – 95#
3 single reps @80% – 110#

All sets of three were done at the prescribed weights and again they felt coordinated.Today was one of the days where I was able to hit my marks both coming up and going down. The one critique that Coach Erin offered during the middle set was that I seemed to be landing a bit forward in the balls of my feet, but that was easily adjusted.

Was a real confidence booster to have a good snatch day.Mentally, I was still smarting from this day a couple of weeks ago. Felt good to have a day where it didn’t feel totally foreighn and like I was learning all over again.

CF Open WOD 12.1
AMRAP in 7 minutes:

No need to get too technical. Just get down, then get up. Hop up 6 inches. Repeat for 7 minutes. Can’t get much simpler than that right?

I was torn about doing this WOD. When it came around last year as part of the Open, I wasn’t competing. But I was kinda curious to try it. However, my left wrist was in a splint and I used that as an excuse not to participate at the time.

Since then, I’ve heard all manner of horror stories from friends and coaches who did do it. Even beyond CFD, this METCON has taken on a life of its own in CrossFit mythology. There are plenty of Internet tales of woe. With all of that in mind, you can understand why I went into it this morning both a bit excited to take my shot at it and also a skosh intimidated. I had a plan though.

My goal was 84 reps. My strategy was to do sets of 12 reps at a clip, 5 quick breaths, then right back into it and time be damned. While Erin had suggested viewing this as 7 one minute WODs, I took the approach of As Many Rounds of 12 Reps as Possible with a goal of 7 rounds. I know many folks use a work 50 or 55 second, rest 5-10 second strategy for METCONs like this. I’ve used it myself on other WOD’s. Today though, I thought the rep count, not the time count would be better for me.

I finished the first 12 reps in about 47 seconds. I know I said time be damned, but I’m naturally curious. I had to peek once. I was tempted to throw in 3 more fast burpees, but thought, “No. Stick to the plan.”

I had visions of myself getting carried away, banging out 50 burpees in 2 and a half mintues and spending the next 4 and a half minutes on all fours puking and gasping for air. So 12 reps, rest, then go. It worked pretty well. By the end of the 4th minute I was a bit behind the clock, no longer completing 12 reps per minute.

I didn’t let that phase me though and I stayed with my plan. By the end of my 6th round, we were all deep into the final minute of the WOD, so there was no resting after 12 reps. I got in 4 more quick reps for a total score of 76! I was very satisfied with that score.

While I’m not one of those crossfitters that loves burpees, I can honestly say that I really rather enjoyed this WOD and I look forward to trying it again some time to see if I could get that 84. It wasn’t as daunting as I had built it up to be based on other folks’ experience. Somethings just have to be experienced first hand.