My back squat vanished on me today. That was a rather rude surprise. Simple counting was also an issue.

WOD for Monday 030413
Perform 2 Snatches (50% 1RM) EMOM for 8 minutes

Worked this portion of the workout at 75#. That’s a bit more than 50%, but it was very managable. By the third minute I was starting to feel confident about my snatch again. All in all a good session here.

Back Squat
5 reps @50%
5 reps @60%
3 reps @80%
2 reps @90%
Establish 1RM (no more than 3 attempts)

This section of the workout was a personal disappointment. Sunday night, I was pretty excited about back squats. I was looking forward to challenging my current 1RM. But it was not meant to be. Not by a long shot.

I never worked past 80% today. On the second rep of the 80% set at 245# I failed. I failed to squat deeply enough and Coach Rachel pointed it out to me. I confirmed that I was aware that the squat wasn’t deep enough. It was a conscious choice, because I could tell the bar was going to drive me into the floor. Not sure what was going on, but 245# was just too frickin’ heavy today.

I rested a bit and made a very strained attempt at the weight again. I got deep enough, stalled a third of the way up for what seemed like a full minute. I finally got angry enough to push the bar up and rerack it.

Just for the sake of re-establishing some confidence I dropped back down to 225# and did two mediocre but clean lifts and then prepared for the METCON.

Barbell Complex
5 rounds of 3 reps each of:
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press @ 75% of Push Press 1RM

90 seconds rest between rounds/10 Burpee penalty every time you put the barbell down during each round.

So 75% of my push press 1RM is 160#. I set the bar accordingly and attempted a couple of hang power cleans from below the knee. They were awful.

I attempted a pair from the first position and felt much more confident with those. I settled on that for the METCON. The first round was just all kinds of awkward.

Deadlifts were ok. Good enough that I forgot we were only required to do 3 reps. During the 4th rep it hit me that I was doing extra work. Power cleans were sloppy, front squats just felt foreign and I’m pretty sure I push jerked more than pressed to close out the round. I stripped the bar to 135 during my 90 seconds of rest.

The form on the remaining sets cleaned up reasonably well at the lighter weight, although I did an unnecessary 4th deadlift in two other rounds.

The highlight of this METCON for me was that I did manage to muddle through without ever putting the bar down once a round started, so no burpee penalty. Have to take the small victories where ever they occur. I’m really not sure what was going on today, but for whatever reason, things just didn’t click. No big deal. Was still good to see folks, catch up and have a few laughs. Most days a crummy workout is still better than no workout at all.