The gym has adopted a new programming initiative. AFter the first week, I’m still figuring out how to adapt to it, or adapt it to my goals.

WOD for Thursday 030713
Clean Work
5 rounds of 3 unbroken Hi-Hang Cleans @ 50% 1RM Clean
90 seconds rest between rounds

Cleans were done at 95#. That’s right around 50% of my 1RM. Of all of the cleans, I enjoy these best. I’m not certain why, but of all the variations, resting the bar on my thighs, easing into the first position and popping out of it into a full clean feels most natural and familiar to me. I suspect it’s because the range of motion is so short. It’s so compact there’s less for me to screw up.

There’s less to dwell on and coordinate compared to taking the bar off the floor. Just seems easier. Dropping quickly and landing in a good squat was not a problem this day. Elbows were a challenge. I’m making a concerted effort when I’m outside the gym to foam roll and use a lacrosse ball for massage because I’m finding I’m really tight all around the shoulders, neck and upper back lately. With the work coming up in the next few days, that could present a real challenge.

5 reps @55% 1RM
5 reps @65%
5 reps @75%
3 sets of 3 reps @85%

Deadlifts went ok. I worked at the assigned percentages so that became 5 reps each at 210, 250 and 285. Then it was time to move on to 3 sets of 3 at 325#.

I completed two sets. I was careful to ensure I set the bar down after each rep. No dropping. The third lift of each set left me a bit light-headed. I didn’t attempt a third set. There was probably time enough to get it in, but I didn’t feel like I had the strength.

This is twice this week I was unable to get through the assigned strength work at the reps and weight prescribed. The other instance was Monday, the other “heavy” day where we were supposed to test for a 1RM on the back squat.

I’m not certain what’s going on here. I don’t know if it’s diet related because I’m doing the paleo-challenge. Perhaps I’m not giving my body enough of a certain food group. In looking closely at my diet the last two weeks, I’m getting plenty of protein, water and fruit. I’m getting on ok amount of vegetables, but if I’m honest, I’m not getting much in the way of green vegetables. Maybe I need to up that.

Maybe I need to scale the percentages of weights or the number of reps back a bit. I’m not sure. On Monday I kept looking at the assigned sets of 5 and the percentages thinking, “I wouldn’t do that many reps before attempting a 1RM.” It seemed like too much to me. But I’m not educated in programming, so I’ll trust the coaches and stick with the programming for the next few weeks and see how it goes. It’s possible I’m over thinking all of this and it might just be an off week.

AMRAP in 8 minutes:
10 Pistols (done to a 17″ box)
15 T2B
20 Parallette Jumps

This METCON pissed me off. No. That’s not right. I got pissed at myself during this METCON. The first round went fine. I knew going in that Toes to Bar were going to be the limiting factor. The first round, pistols were fine. Toes to Bar went ok. I think I worked through them in sets of 5 and got all 15 good reps. Parallette jumps were uneventful.

The second time through Toes to Bar ate me up. I got two or three reps and then I was just flailing on the bar. I hopped down, reset, tried again. It was no better. I was stumped. It was like I just forgot the sequence of motion. Tired hands from deadlifts didn’t help, but that’s no excuse.

I got stubborn for a bit and wouldn’t allow myself to scale to knees to elbow. I was determined to continue to muddle through, but after multiple starts and restarts I went to KTE. I just hit that point where I decided, “Screw it. You need to be doing SOME exercise! Not standing here glaring at the bar.” When the 8 mintutes was over I’d completed 2 full rounds, 10 Pistols and an additional 12 KTE. Not an impressive performance.

Crossfit Open 13.1
Tomorrow Crossfit Durham will be tackling the Games Open WOD 13.1. It is an obscene pairing of burpees and snatches. It’s a total 17 minute work out. Do 40 burpees, then do 30 snatches at 75#. Move on to 30 burpees, then do 30 snatches at 135#. Do 20 burpees, then do 30 snatches at 165#. Do 10 burpees, and if there’s any time remaining, do as many snatches as possible at 210.

I’ll admit it. This one is intimidating. My 1RM snatch is 135#, although that was established last July. It stands to reason that I should be able to do a few more. Still, there’s no predicting how much energy I’ll have left after the preceding 70 burpees and 30 snatches, presuming I can get through those in 17 minutes. I figure all I can do with this one is throw myself into it and see where the chips fall.