Once again I underestimate the impact of a previously completed WOD and the energy it will take to get through a workout. But there were some highlights.

WOD for Tuesday 031213
EMOM for 8 minutes:
Snatch from 1st position
Snatch from 2nd position
Snatch from Floor
Use 50% 1RM Snatch

Holy smokes! I thought I was recovered from Saturday’s Open WOD 13.1. I was wrong. Coach Rachel lead us through 3 rounds of the Burgener Warmup and even the 45# bar felt heavy. For those not familiar, the Burgener Warmup breaks the various components or stages of the snatch down and you execute 3 reps at stage one, then progress to stage 2 and do the reps and so on until you end with three full squat snatches. Repeat the whole process 3 times. By the time it was over, I was already sweating profusely.

I kept the math simple today. 75# was convenient to set up and close enough to 50% of 1RM that it seemed like a good working weight.

The snatches felt ok, but I don’t think they really fell into place until about the 5th round.

Back Squat
5 reps @45%
5 reps @55%
3 reps @65%
5 sets of 4 reps @75%

So the projected weights for this work out were:
5 reps @135
5 reps @165
3 reps @195
5 sets of 4 reps @225%

Nat and I shared a rack again today and we both agreed as we worked the set of 195 that it would be plenty of weight for the 5 rounds of 4 reps. 225# just felt like it would be over the top.

Of course, we didn’t do ourselves any favors. Even though I clearly wrote out the rep scheme in my WOD Book, We worked all sets as sets of 5 reps until the 3rd round of what should have been 5 sets of 4 reps. Coach Rachel came by around then and pointed out after Nat’s set that we were overdoing it. Whoops!

AMRAP 15 minutes:
5 Power Snatches (60%1RM full Snatch)
10 Wall Balls (20/14)
20 Double Unders

I really wasn’t sure how this WOD would go. I was grumbling to myself about more snatches, but set the bar at 80# (Rx). Found myself a 20# Medicine Ball and my jump rope.

I grabbed 5 poker chips for counting reasoning that it should be a reasonable goal, if the double under gods smiled today. My other goal was to do all snatches and wall balls unbroken. I was largely successful in my goals.

Power snatches went pretty smoothly, but during the last two rounds, I was getting gassed. I realized somewhere around round 3 that I started out too fast. The result? I  paused too long in each round to claim unbroken.

Wall Balls did all go unbroken and I was very careful to squat well below parallel on all reps.

Double unders were funky. First two rounds were very erratic with lots of short runs. The third round I found a bit of a rhythm and completed in 3 runs. The fourth and fifth rounds went unbroken! Yes, 20 straight double unders on consecutive rounds LATE in a METCON! Hallelujah! There IS hope!

When the 15 min was up, I had completed 6 full rounds, 5 snatches and 8 wall ball shots, so 6 + 13(Rx). Pretty satisfying score.

I’m eager to see what Open WOD 13.2 will contain. I’m reasonably sure at least one Open WOD is going to contain Toes to Bars and that’s going to make me nuts. But it can’t be avoided, so like everyone else, I’ll just take what’s thrown at us. My training partner, Einar forwarded a link to a very helpful link to training video. I’m looking forward to trying to apply what I’ve seen there. I beleive that the fundamental flaw in my technique is figuring out how to close the shoulders. I don’t think I’m pushing away from the bar and closing my body at the right time. I’ll practice on Thursday.

I’ve been thinking a bit about athletes that perform Open WODs more than once between the release date and the score submission deadline. Crossfit Paul wrote a post here.  I share his opinions on the matter. But for me it’s even simpler. These Open WODS are BRUTAL! I have NO desire to submit myself to that level of pain more than once in that short a window for what would most likely be only an incremental gain in results. It just doesn’t make sense for me.

I suppose if I were to attempt an Open WOD on a Thursday and I mysteriously pass out mid-workout leaving me unable to finish, then sure, I’d take advantage of the rules and come back on Saturday or Sunday to try to complete it. Other than that, I can’t see a situation where I’d be willing to go back and take that kind of medicine twice.