Just came into the day today with a let’s have fun and see what happens mindset. Kind of nice to feel pressure free. No 1RM testing today. No Crossfit Open WOD this weekend. No competitions pending. It was a relief to go to the gym today and just focus on these exercises for this day and pay attention to the task at hand, but not take anything too seriously.

5 reps @55% 85#
3 reps @65% 100#
3 reps @75% 115#
3 sets of 2 @85% 1RM – 130#

Pretty good sets. 130# snuck up on me. First attempt on the first set would not go up. Think I took it for granted. Didn’t really have my mind on the lift. Failed to push the bar above my nose! After resetting and focusing all other reps were successful, but they were tough. The other challenge of the press was not dipping to push it.

Nat, Coach Erin and I laughed about it between sets. There’s just this place where my mind wanders when doing strict press. It automatically says, “Why am I struggling with this strict press? This would be so much easier with just a little dip.” It can be very difficult to fight the temptation.

5 sets @80% of your 1 set max

I did 5 sets of 3 ring dips today. That’s progress. A couple of weeks ago we did this and I was doing sets of 2. I probably should take the time to test a 1RM. I’m not really clear what my true 1RM is.

The first three sets all reps were strict, no kipping. The last rep of each of the last two sets required a kip to get out of the hole.

I appreciated that Griff came by and talked to me about the ring dips. He noted that I was obviously working on making the dips much deeper than before. He was very encouraging in telling me to continue to work them that way as it will pay off later. Nice to have the effort recognized and encouraged by the community.

I even had a chance to give back a bit today. That was very cool! I was working ring dips on the set closest to the climbing ropes. I was snapping my ring straps to ensure they were secure and one of the climbing ropes shook loose.

I looked at it and thought, “Well, hell. I’ve got an obstacle course run coming up in a little over week and there might be a climbing rope. I should get in some practice. And the rope came to me, so obviously it wants to be climbed. Who am I to deny it?” So in between a set of dips, I did a rope climb.

As I was climbing a few folks noticed and offered encouragement. Then Lexy came over and mentioned she’d never done a rope climb and wanted to learn how. So I talked her through it and she went to the top on her first attempt!

We made one small tactical error though. She got to the top and touched the rafter she asked, “OK. Now how do I get down?” The thought immediately ran through my mind, “Aw, shit! Yeah, we probably should have talked that over before you went up there.” Fortunately, with just a bit of discussion she was able to work her way down safely. Way to go, Lexy!

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
Run 200m
15 DB Push Press (40/25)

Surprise, surprise I’m enjoying running! Given the seasons running hasn’t been programmed much. It would be overstating it to say that I’ve missed running, but it does seem fresh. So that’s cool. I’m guessing the feeling will pass by about the first of May.

Did the DB push presses at 35#. Worked through 5 full rounds, a 6th run and 6 more push presses. By the fifth round, it was tough to keep the left and right arms in synch. The left side was definitely lagging.

After the METCON, I attempted some hip to bar kips. Why you ask? Well, now that the Open is over, I’m refocusing on one of my 2013 goals. I want to get a bar muscle up by year’s end.

On my best swings, I can get my hips about 6-8 inches below the bar. So there’s still a fairly long way to go. Plus, as Erin observed, in order to get that close I’m actually pushing away with my arms at that point. That seems counter-intuitive. I can’t see how I would reverse direction at that point to “sit up” and curl over the bar. I need to go back and review the Carl Paoli progression videos. I need to start at stage one and work forward.

I might be doing myself a disservice jumping straight onto the bar before ensuring I’ve got the fundamentals down. But some days there’s value in just taking a shot at the final product. If for no other reason just to appreciate and understand how far one still needs to go.

Pretty good day over all.