Had a much better day with a lift that pretty much owned me less than two weeks ago. Very satisfied, and more than a bit relieved, with that.

WOD for Monday 042213

Kipping Pullups
5 Rounds:
5 sec on/5 sec off x 3 kipping swing (no pullup, just swing)
Rest 30 seconds after each round Then, 3 Rounds of 5 reps each:  On the ground, hip thrusts.

This skill work felt very good today. I was a bit worried about how it would effect my grip for later work, but that proved not to be an issue. In fact, practicing the kip swing seemed to act as an additional warm up loosening up the body for later work. By the time we finished the requisite 5 rounds of 3, I felt as if I’d worked out the last of the kinks from Saturday’s Mud Run.

Kind of liked the hip thrust work as well. Interesting way to isolate that portion of the kip. Hope to practice that more at home on my own.

1 rep @60%
1 rep @60%
1 rep @70%
1 rep @80%
1 rep @85%
1 rep @90%
1 rep @95%
Establish 1RM (no more than 4 attempts)

So when I read the white board this morning and saw “cleans” posted, I was kinda confused. I would have bet large sums of cash that when I read the posted workout Sunday evening, the strength work was listed as “press.” For those of you who read often, you know that I had an absolutely miserable day doing cleans back about 10 days ago. That day I had a terrible time just holding on to the bar. I was unable to lift anything even approaching the assigned weights/percentages. I had not really practiced or changed anything since then, so I was very unsure about what to expect today.

All of the lifts from 60% (105#) through 85% (155#) went fine. Better than fine, they felt normal and right. Where the clean felt completely foreign just 10 days ago things felt familiar again today. That was very reassuring. Coach Erin stopped by as I was progressing through the reps and asked how I was doing. She remembered how I struggled last time. I assured her I was having a much better day today and that the grip issue that had plagued me was not a problem today. The only thing I did differently was to tell myself to hold on longer. Whether I actually did or not, I’m unsure. All I know is that it was better today. I’ll take it.

I missed one attempt at 90% – 165#, but hit it the second time around. The attempt I missed was because I failed to lift my elbows high enough fast enough. Had nothing to do with my hands. I made two attempts at 95% at 170 and missed them both. At that point, I was just tired. I know I’m not 100% physically today. I took part in an obstacle course/mud run on Saturday. The combination of the exertion and the weather have left me congested and achier than I would otherwise be on a Monday. I’ll accept 165#/90% with a smile and call it a successful day given the conditions.

4 Rounds:
6 double KB swings
6 double KB clean and press
6 double KB swings

So here’s the description for the METCON: KB weight is as heavy as possible without putting KBs down mid-round. This is a partner WOD. One person completes an entire round while the other one rests. Trade rounds like this until both have completed 4. Share the same set of KB’s if possible. 10 burpee penalty for every time the KB’s touch the ground between the start and finish of a round. Time cap: 8 minutes (total for both partners)

Greg and I teamed up and shared a pair of 40# KBs. We tried some practice swings with 44’s and agreed that it was excessive. The kettle bells were hauling us across the floor when we swung them. We worked our way through completing the WOD in 7:31, without putting the kettle bells down, so we avoided the penalty burpees. I call that a success as well.

I hear that Greg and Allison carried on with Funky Short Friday in my abscence last week! Way to go guys! I expect to be there this week and will get back into the groove!