Or perhaps a grinder, I don’t know what the word is for today’s METCON. I just know that it was gloriously savage!

Kipping Pullups
5 Rounds:
5 sec on/5 sec off x 3 kipping swing (no pullup, just swing)
Rest 30 seconds after each round Then, 3 Rounds of 5 reps each:  On the ground, hip thrusts.

The skill work went pretty well. There are days when it’s tempting to slack off on this drill. I need to remember my goals. If I want to pull off a bar muscle up by year’s end, then I really need to push harder when these opportunities present themselves.

Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t sandbag the kipping, but I should have gone in with a better focus. Should have taken the opportunity to focus on hip to bar kipping, not standard pull up kipping. Note to self: think ahead!

4 singles @60% – 115
4 singles @65% – 125
4 singles @70% 1RM – 135

Cleans were just ok today. My grip held out for the strength training, so that was a relief. Just felt a bit sluggish dropping into the squat for the catch, but I’m not too concerned.

Turns out I’m becoming a barefoot lifter. Rachel noticed that I was rolling my ankles in again in my Innov-8’s (and yes, I do the same thing in my lifting shoes), so she suggested going barefoot. Being shoeless, definitely makes me more aware of my feet and my landings certainly gets better.

Part of me thinks it’s not the best idea to train barefoot. There’s part of me that’s thinking, “you have lifting shoes. You HAVE the proper gear. Use it learn to use it properly.” Then the other part of me figures, “Eh, go with what works and makes you right, right now.” So that’s what I’m doing. The shoes aren’t going anywhere. I can always work with them again later.

For Time:
Run 400m
5 Power Cleans (95/65)
Run 400m
5 Power Cleans
10 Front Squats
Run 400m
5 Power Cleans
10 Front Squats
15 Shoulder to Overhead
Run 400m
5 Power Cleans
10 Front Squats
15 Shoulder to Overhead
20 Thrusters

Time cap: 20 minutes

This METCON was an absolute MONSTER! Look at it this way. There were 9 folks training at 6:15 this morning. 4 men 5 women. By the time the METCON was over half the group had ditched their t-shirts, and not just the guys! There are always a couple of folks who prefer working shirtless, but those folks were not part of today’s group.

I started the WOD Rx, but suspected it was going to be too much. I set the 45# bar with 15’s and 10’s if I decided to scale on the fly. In the round of 5 cleans and 10 front squats I could feel my cleans getting really sloppy. I worried about straining something with all of the reps still to come. Rachel graciously agreed to slip the 10’s off while I was out completing the third 400M. From then on the lifting was much more managable and safer.

I was pretty pleased with the runs. First one was fast (1:48) Knew that wasn’t going to hold up over the entire METCON, so I resolved to bring each one in under 2 minutes. Did that on the third and 4th runs. Not sure about the second. There were clock issues this morning, so I was unable to track it.

Final time to complete was 17:08 or :18. Don’t have my WOD book handy to confirm. This one left my head spinning when it was all said and done.

No extra or accessory work today. The schedule was packed.

Looking forward to a new challenge coming up in a couple of weeks. Greg and I had a FB conversation last night that started about push ups. As conversations tend to do, this one wandered until we came to agreement that we want to get together and take the Army Physical Fitness Test. We’re extending invitations to folks throughout the gym. (If we’re not connected on FB or you missed those posts, consider this YOUR invitation) We’re going to meet at 10am, Sunday, May 19 at the Durham Northern High School track and conduct the test. It’s 2 minutes each to do max reps push ups and sit ups, then a 2 mile run for time.

Taking this test will answer a question that’s been rattling around in my mind for a couple of months. I have been wondering how this 42 year old Crossfit me would fare in an APFT against 25 yo Army me. There’s no doubt in my mind that I can pass the test based on the standards for my gender and age. I’m not concerned with that. I want to know if I can, at this age, do more total push ups and sit ups and run 2 miles faster than I could 17 years ago. It may sound arrogant, but I’m reasonably sure that it’s going to be close. I think it’s going to be damn close and I’m looking forward to the challenge.